Setting the tone

Well, I see this morning that several Gamecock players had their fee-fees hurt by some of Clemson’s actions towards the end of last night’s blowout.

The 56-7 loss stung plenty for the South Carolina football team.

The way Clemson acted in the final minutes, including late timeouts and showboating, was a step too far, USC players said.

Multiple Gamecocks players directly expressed their displeasure at the way the Tigers finished out Saturday’s Palmetto Bowl. The word “classless” was thrown around, as several South Carolina players said this one will stick in their craws for a while.

“I feel like they kind of disrespected us at the end,” safety D.J. Smith said. “Holding the ball and doing all that showboating. I feel like it wasn’t really classy, but it is a rivalry game. It’s going to stick with all of us and we’re going to remember.”

Wide receiver Terry Googer was visibly upset coming off the field, having to be directed to the locker room before coming out to sing the alma mater.

“Classless is not a strong enough word to describe the actions!” Googer tweeted.

The Gamecocks were on the wrong end of a 56-7 score. Clemson started pulling starters with more than 18 minutes to go. The Tigers used back-to-back timeouts to give seniors and departing juniors a curtain call as the game wound down.

“That last couple minutes was pretty disrespectful,” tight end Hayden Hurst said. “We’ve got a year to think about that and let it sink in.”

Running back A.J. Turner said coach Will Muschamp in the postgame told the team he didn’t like what Clemson did.

Did he now.  I wonder how the team took Boom’s classy act before the game’s start.

“Tensions higher”? Color me shocked.


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16 responses to “Setting the tone

  1. Muschamp’s problem is he is a meathead at heart.


  2. heyberto

    If you’re going to get a dig on your rival, make it colorful like Spurrier did. Muschamp continues to look like an overgrown grade school kid on the playground with those kinds of antics. Time to grow up.


  3. DifferentPerspective

    To me, it looks like Muschamp was walking to meet Dabo and Dabo turned is back or refused to meet him half way. I don’t really understand the Muschamp hate in this situation.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Agree. Seemed like boom was showing a little class for a change, at least in making an effort to shake hands.

      Then again, sos left a lot of bad feelings in his wake – and that goes for everywhere, not just with clemmons. No doubt dabo wanted some payback.


  4. JasonC

    Muschamp is an ass. He hasn’t reached Meyer or Harbaugh status in being a jerk or in success. I savor every failure that guy has.


  5. Macallanlover

    Didn’t watch a single play of that game but certainly like the result. From the quoted area above that seems a reasonable thing to do on Senior night. Perhaps there is more to it but for SC players to call anyone classless (especially given HC Boom versus Dabo) is pretty funny. I don’t believe in calling timeouts to put up unnecessary points but do believe you have to defend yourself for 60 minutes of football. Hopefully Dabo got some work in for his backups and rested his starters, they aren’t in for a cakewalk next week, and their offense has been very inconsistent this year.


  6. Again, Boom is a gigantic asshole. I honestly can’t see why people are scared to jump to that conclusion given the mountain of evidence that supports it.


  7. Derek

    You can hear the guy who is hand gesturing towards Clemson audibly say: “he walked.” Then muschamp waved his hand and goes the other way.

    I’ll never get the Will hate. Hell we won the WLOCP while he was the coach down there as many times as we have the other 27 seasons since 1990. 3 wins vs. will and 3 wins against the others. That and the fact that he played at UGA should tamp some of that hate down.


    • jtp03

      The fact that he has gone out of his way to disrespect not just our athletic program, of which he is a product, but also the university itself, of which he is also a product, even if it’s on the rubber chicken gladhanding circuit, is enough to warrant every bit of hate he gets.

      F that guy.


    • JCDAWG83

      You need to read or watch his press conferences where he never misses a chance to get a dig in at UGA. He is always destroying the English language and then saying “well, you know where my degree came from…” and other classless stuff. When he took the UF job, he made a big show of how he had always been a gator at heart and only played for Georgia because they offered him a scholarship.

      He’s a psycho nutjob and a mediocre, at best, coach. He deserves all the hate he gets.


    • Spike

      Do you know what he said about UGA? Do you ever watch him on the sidelines at UF or AU? The guys is an ass of epic proportions. This time he happens to be in the right, though. But he is a horses’ ass if there ever was one.


  8. Bright Idea

    I don’t know who dissed whom but Dabo and his staff are proving it is all about recruitin’.


  9. 79Dawg

    WoW, I hope Dabo refused to shake his hand after the game too, then…