And don’t forget those Hartman Fund contributions, folks, ctd.

Man, talk about being hoisted on my own petard.

Someone on Twitter asked me if I thought about doing a reader poll gauging interest in renewing season tickets next year.  Here’s what I got in response to my answer that I was pondering doing just that after the bowl game.

Sorry, Greg.


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38 responses to “And don’t forget those Hartman Fund contributions, folks, ctd.

  1. Bright Idea

    Been in since 1980 so I’ll renew even with that putrid slate but one day old farts like me who don’t want to quit while we are down will die off. It is a habit and I guess I’m waiting until we get on top to quit, LOL! I’ve accepted that I’m too poor to get better seats. 80 year old retired faculty trump me and they don’t give a dime.


  2. Castleberry

    Seven noon kickoffs baby.


  3. RCBRick

    It’s the perfect home slate for a rebuilding year, senator. You really want to drive home after losses?


  4. Aladawg

    Another hit to Athens! The scalpels will be out of business. You couldn’t give these away


  5. markclegg

    I have been a season ticket holder since 1982, but I doubt if I will renew next year. I think we are at peak greed in this sport, and I refuse to buy at the top of the market, particularly when McGarity has the gall to try and push through a Hartman Fund increase after a disappointing season and the joke of a home schedule we will have next year.


  6. FarmerDawg

    ACC and Jimmy Williamson are most pleased.


  7. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    After the bowl game is a good time. I’m trying to be optimistic and a bowl win would help a little. Of course, with a bowl loss, I’m completely crushed. Might still drive two and a half hours each way to Athens but I can see my daughter who lives there, watch the game on their TV, save driving in campus traffic, save on tickets, parking, and seat backs.


  8. Red Cup

    I have been a season ticket holder since 1980, and I admit in spite of my disdain for McGarrity, B-M, the awful 2017 home schedule, and the disappointment with this season, etc, I have not given any thought to not renewing my tickets. I just love the Dawgs and tailgating with life long friends too much to consider the alternative. Blame folks like me for giving B-M their money in spite of their incompetetnce and contempt for the fans. I can’t help it. I hope to be making the trek to Athens until I die. Hope springs eternal. I reserve my right to be a Grumpy old man and fire off emails to B-M with my complaints, which will be ignored.


  9. Mayor

    I don’t want to beat it to death (well, maybe I do) but one of the reasons for the shitty home schedule each year is we never play FU in Athens. There are 6 other SEC East teams. Those 6 are: FU, UT, South Carolina, Vandy, UK and Mizzou. We play them all home and away except for FU which we play in JAX each season. UT is an interesting opponent but the others…not so much. We also play Auburn and Tech home and away meaning every other year we get them in Athens. Also we rotate the other SEC West team. In years when we get Missy State in Athens that really doesn’t add much pizzazz to the home schedule. Add to that the App States and Western Carolinas of the world that we play at home every year and you end up with a pretty dismal home schedule. We need to be playing FU in Athens in the years when UT is an away game and also play either Tech or Auburn (but not both) in that same year in Athens. That would greatly improve the home schedule.

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    • PTC DAWG

      Correct, the East sucksge and SEC expansion have not helped our scheduling one bit.


    • Otto

      I will take that and a trip to Jacksonville over the same teams with UF as a home and home series. Yes the home schedule is a bit lacking but trips to ND and the WLOCP are worthy trade offs.


    • Chickamona

      I think you hit upon why that game will eventually leave Jacksonville. The odd year home schedule (like next year) without a major nonconference marquee opponent like Notre Dame or major SEC West team like Bama is sorely lacking. As TV money and noon kickoffs erode demand, eventually they’ll need to sweeten the season ticket package.

      If you’re a Tennessee season ticket holder, you are guaranteed over any 2-year period to see Alabama, Florida, Georgia, another SEC West team and then sometimes a nonconference team like Oklahoma or Oregon. At Florida, you’ll see UT, LSU, FSU and then have to drive only an hour from Gainesville to see UGA. If you’re a Georgia season ticket holder, you’ll never see our biggest rival in person unless you pay extra for tickets in Jax (they don’t come in the season ticket package), get a hotel room for a few days, and drive 6 hours from Athens or Metro Atlanta where a large part of our fanbase/students live to a pretty mediocre city in North Florida (I know, the beaches nearby are great).

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    • Will (The Other One)

      That nonsense where we had to play Auburn at Auburn twice so that now Auburn and Tech are both home or away hurts too.


  10. truck

    I was discussing the game with a buddy over lunch and I started complaining about the incompetence of the B-M crowd. In response, he mentioned the current situations at LSU and Tennessee. I’ve gotta admit, that made me feel a little better. Only a little, though.


  11. Brandon

    Last few games says Miss St ain’t gonna be no joke. Their QB (of course he’s from GA) has grown into Mullen’s system quite well. He’s huge, fast, has decent accuracy and can now make the right reads in that frustrating offense.


  12. PTC DAWG

    Folks are going to renew, you know it, they know it…we all know it.


  13. MDDawg

    I’m sure it won’t happen, but I’d love to see the AD make a big deal about the scheduling of Auburn and Tech. We need to get back to alternating those games so we don’t have both at home or both away each year. It’s all Auburn’s fault for those 2 years in a row we had to play them in their house because of the conference expansion.


  14. rpcpisme

    I will happily take 4 tickets to any one of those home games in 2017. Its about time for me to show my kids what football is like besides seeing local/television games. Just let me know how to buy them…


  15. Just think, if things don’t go well next year we can look forward to the rebuilding hat trick in 2018.


  16. Debby Balcer

    We will be there I sure wish they would swap the AU games by giving us two in a row I bet Auburn would like to get back to having Alabama and UGA at home on opposite years too.

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  17. J Scott

    There’s a pretty good shot we can go undefeated at home in ’17… silver lining people!!!


  18. PTC DAWG

    What’s up with the new star like button….?


  19. Will (The Other One)

    Those YPG differential, compared to the points differential really underscores how terrible the team was in the red zone (both scoring and defending — particularly defending, as the D was pretty good overall. But get inside the 25 and odds were you could score a TD on the UGA defense.)


  20. we’re heading towards a two tickets,2 cokes and 2 hot dogs promotion with this schedule. I’ll probably pay my Hartman fund only to make sure I can get WLOCP tickets. (I obviously hope the Mayor never wins his dead horse beating contest) The idiots at B-M are actively killing the goose that lays the golden egg.Does anyone know why the accumulated contribution required to get additional season tickets fell so much last year? I suspect last year it had to do with firing Richt and this year it will go down again because this is the worst home schedule my feeble brain can recall. I’m depressed and the alcohol ain’t workin.

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    • 86BONE

      Just drive down and party…there are always plenty of tickets! The Hartman Fund is a damn miserable joke….we are way behind the times in Athens now I am afraid…


  21. Scorpio Jones, III

    I am more than a little surprised at the folks who think their ticket purchases are somehow value related.

    In the nearly 70-odd years we had season tickets I don’t ever remember much discussion of who we played at home…other than Tech, and maybe Auburn.

    Some of you folks actually look at the schedule before writing the check? Not a good way to move up the priority list.