Today, in everybody’s broke

Never have I been more proud of Georgia for paying what it takes to provide quality home scheduling.

Georgia has agreed to the highest payout for a non-conference opponent in school history. And it may be the most at this point in all of college football.

Arkansas State will receive $1.8 million to play at Georgia in 2019, according to an agreement between the two schools that has not been finalized yet. The Jonesboro (Ark.) Sun reported the agreement, via an Open Records request. An official at Georgia confirmed it was accurate.

It’s an astounding figure to pay for a non-conference game, but it represents a larger trend.

When Alabama announced in February that it had paid $1.7 million to schedule a 2018 game against Arkansas State, it was written by that it was “believed to be the largest single-game payout in college football history.”

Now Georgia has topped that. The game is set for Sept. 14, 2019.

That should be just in time for another contribution bump, I suspect.  After all, those cupcakes ain’t gonna pay for themselves.  Let’s just hope 2019 isn’t another throwaway year.


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38 responses to “Today, in everybody’s broke

  1. JCDAWG83

    Those noon kickoffs against crap opponents really pay for themselves in intangibles no matter what the cost. How else will fans be able to bring thousands of kids to the game and allow them to be on the big screen as they dance like retards to rap music?


  2. RCBRick

    I guess we just won’t talk about the coach we could have gotten by slapping that $1.8 million on top of what we’re paying Kirbs, not to mention the extra pot-sweetening revenue we could have gotten from, you know, having a good team.


    • Mayor

      Paying $1.8 Mil for Arkansas State is just plain stupid. A cupcake is a cupcake. Most of ’em will take $500K and run. If we were going to pay $1.8 at least schedule a a Power Five cupcake like a Duke or a Kansas or a Cal with no return date of course. I remember when we did just that.


  3. Red Cup

    On the bright side, we just whipped Bama’s ass in paying cupcakes to play us.
    The process baby!

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    Sunbelt Funbelt


  5. Irwin R. Fletcher

    It would have only been $1.5M but I hear they are now charging a premium because they have to pay all of those staffers to comply with requests under the dracionian Arkansas’ open records law.


  6. Nate Dawg

    Wow. The snoozefest continues, eh?
    But good on Arky St – those boys ain’t so bad in their ‘neighborhood’ right? $1.7 & $1.8 million from us and bammer is no silly way to build facilities/programs etc, right? Didn’t fla st kinda do it the same way back in the day?


  7. Will (The Other One)

    Two more losses to Tech and that could be a good home win for new HC Mike Bobo.


  8. Brandon

    This is unreal. Ark St isn’t even that lowly of a team. How on earth are they commanding such a premium? I don’t understand that market at all. I just can’t imagine that the supply/demand equation actually sorts out to $1.8M for one friggin’ game. There’s got to be someone in the middle skimming from these pots somehow – “consultants” like for executive comp.


    • Go Dawgs!

      It’s precisely because they are not a lowly team. They are in the upper reaches of the Group of Five teams and we refuse to give them a home-and-home. Arkansas State has reached the level where they can get some teams to come play them in … wherever the hell Arkansas State is located. It costs them money to not get the return game, and Georgia sure as hell isn’t going out there.


      • Brandon

        That’s part of my point, though. Why even target these guys? We just had trouble with the biggest softball of all softballs this year (Nichols). If all cupcakes are created equal, why not aim for the bottom? Which again speaks to my market confusion – seems like the bottom dwellars would have the highest market value.


      • Debby Balcer

        Jonesboro Ark


    • I don’t get it either. Is this a hostage type situation where these guys are pretty much saying they know we are having problems filling out a schedule and this is what it will take for us to bail you out? I understand these guys needing these payouts, but geez.


  9. Otto

    This is the year ND plays in Athens so I’m fine with a mid major but I am interested to see how the 2018 is completed. The payout does seem absurd.


  10. AusDawg85

    If Mark Richt had set the schedule far enough in advance, we wouldn’t be paying for his mistakes now.

    And what’s with the new “*Like” button I’m seeing in the comments…new WP feature Senator?


  11. W Cobb Dawg

    What this tells me is that we should hire arky state’s a.d.


  12. Greg McGarity, YOUR athletic director

    You people have no idea how hard my job is. Now get your Hartman Fund donations in and shut up. I’ve had it up to here with the “society of the miserable”. Our organization is a fine organization that gives many, many people 6 figure jobs.


    • lakedawg

      Dear Greg, guess that executive administrative assistant just hired to assist you in handling open records requests is one sharp dude to come up with this deal. Like the dummy I have been for these many years the check will be in mail shortly. Yours truly to loyal to give them up.


  13. Malcolm x

    Seating capacity is 92,746. Divide $1.8 million by said seats, means roughly
    Twenty bucks of each ticket goes to Arkansas state. Suggest you keep the money in Georgia, recycling in our economy. Mercer, Fort Valley State,
    Ga. state, etc. just whoop up your neighbors. Yee haw.


    • 86BONE

      Would it not just be sweet if everyone showed up in The Classic City just to Tail Gate!! The hell with the game…maybe it is time for the fans to make a statement…ya think


  14. Am curious as to where this will stop. 5 million to have someone come in, just so UGA does not have to do a home and home? The what happens if you lose one of these games.


  15. Cousin Eddie

    $1.8 to help reach bowl eligibility, assuming the offense continues to “improve” like it did this year.


  16. What is a cupcake? There were no such things in 2016


  17. Macallanlover

    This is what happens when you get so addicted to cupcakes that you will pay “drug lord” money to get another one. It isn’t like anyone, I mean anyone, will give you more credit for beating an Arkansas State than a Georgia State, Kent State, ULM, etc. Add this to one of the dumbest things McDummy has done. We don’t even get credit when we beat SEC East teams any longer, what the hell is he smoking?