“Not bad for a bunch of 80th-ranked recruiting classes.”

Like it or not, the man’s got a point.

I’ll have more to say about it after the bowl game when I do a 2016 postmortem, but Georgia’s problem this season wasn’t a lack of talent.  The problem was failing to make the best use of the talent on hand.


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45 responses to ““Not bad for a bunch of 80th-ranked recruiting classes.”

  1. Isn’t that the truth. The old saying, he can take his and beat yours, and yours and beat his was failed this season.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    The Johnson is right. Gag a maggot.


  3. MLB2

    This medicine is very bitter.


  4. ugafidelis

    God that was hard to read.


  5. Will Trane

    Defeat is hard for some to take.
    No doubt a lot of Georgia folks will find anything to hammer Smart at this time.
    A reminder. How many games did Johnson win last year. And he could not beat UNC. He did beat FSU.
    Big freakingdeal dude.
    This is just more bolderdash.
    I will Smart over Johnson any day. Did mot hear anything about Tech until we lost
    And now this. Move on
    Suggest you all break down the roster and look it over.
    While there explain how this team shut down Auburn and beat a very good UK team
    Frankly tired of UGA wallying around in this.
    Look at where it is going


  6. Russ

    Truth hurts. We have plenty of talent, even on the OL. It is just not used to its best advantage. Either we’ll have to wait for talent that Kirby wants/can use, or (hopefully) Kirby adjusts enough to successfully use the talent at hand.

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  7. Otto

    Again class rankings does not take into account filling needs or roster management. You can have a 5 star QB 4 star RB multiple WRs but inf the OL is under manned, they are hand cuffed, same goes for the other side of the ball.


    • Those rankings are based on current roster talent, not previous class rankings.


      • Otto

        Didn’t contradict that just stating that all star talent can be handcuffed when there are gaps at other positions. 5 star Fr. QB (great to have but it would be better if he wasn’t a true Fr.) with a Grad transfer LT. Again LT and Center should have time ideally have the most time in the system. In general, you’re as good as your weakest link.

        The observation applies to underachievement of this team as well as the past few. On the flip side, yes Bama is filled at just about every spot thanks to top signing classes at all positions not just “skill” positions, and thus can play for titles when just about every other program have some gaps to fill or play call around.


      • Otto

        The prior staff did a decent job of signing a decently ranked class but a poor job job at managing the roster.


        Will Smart? We will get our 1st real glimpse soon.


      • Atticus

        And who defines “current roster talent”?

        No doubt Tech gets a lot more out of their players using their system for what they do. And UGA this year (and past) has done less. It doesn’t matter though, let him boast CPJ sucks and they will never win anything…..so he has to poke holes and do what he can to help his fanbase and keep his job…..the game was irrelevant in the development of this program (unless it hurts recruiting) and in the end even though the “Kirby wanted to lose” narrative is BS, it still may help in the long run to have these players go into the off-season knowing what happened this year can’t happen again and drive every off-season workout and every practice from now until next fall. That is critical in developing leaders on this team, of which right now they have very little.


        • No doubt Tech gets a lot more out of their players using their system for what they do. And UGA this year (and past) has done less.

          And despite that, Richt went 13-2 against Tech. So what’s your point?


          • Atticus

            I am referring to his comments and his tenure at GT. CPJ is 3-2 at Sanford so yes he has accomplished something in the rivalry. And it makes no difference for the future of Kirby Smart or this program. So let him run his mouth.Since he’s been there Tech has won nothing. Georgia has won nothing.


    • rchris

      Brandon Kublanow, Isaiah Wynn, Lamont Gailliard, Dyshon Sims, Kendall Baker, Pat Allen, Ben Cleveland all 4 stars. Greg Pyke, Sam Madden, Chris Barnes all high 3 stars.


  8. sectionzalum

    winner, winner chicken-dinner:

    “Georgia’s problem this season wasn’t a lack of talent. The problem was failing to make the best use of the talent on hand.”


    • Irwin R. Fletcher

      Respectfully, I don’t think the two are mutually exclusive.

      We did have a problem based on a lack of talent ready to play …especially at WR, OL, DB…I think you could also make the argument at QB.

      That’s the primary reason (1) we were in so many competitive ball games and (2) we were never going to compete for an SEC championship this season.

      We also had a problem of failing to make the best use of the talent on hand.

      That’s the primary reason you (1) play down to opponents with lesser talent and (2) lose so many of those competitive games.

      The former takes time and can only be fixed with recruiting, conditioning, and roster management. The latter is more problematic….but you hope that it can change in the second year of the job.


      • I kept expecting some changes as the season progressed And
        I expected to see the team to get better as the season dragged on.
        The talent was there but I am not sure where. Ask the Coaches.
        A lack of talent? No Way. Not used as best for team Improvement. YES.
        The Dawgs were outcoached In nearly all of their Games. Nuff Said..


  9. Georgia Tech has just as many draftable players as UGA has this year. UGA doesn’t have a guy that will be drafted before the third round, unless Sony Michel shows out at the combine. Does that mean the recruiting rankings are illegitimate, the previous administration was unable to develop the accruately-evaluated high school talent into stars, or Kirby was unable to effectively deploy the hordes of talent at his disposal? I know which one this blog and the bulldog community at large prefers at the moment.

    The potential first round guys on the team are Trenton Thompson (who apparently had some motivation issues during the year), Jacob Eason, and Isaac Nauta. Guys like Roquan Smith and Natrez Patrick could develop into first or second day guys, and Dom Sanders will be a 4th or 5th round guy. Lorenzo Carter hasn’t developed into an elite OLB. He may have to play DE in a 4-3 in the NFL (which he may excel at). If he comes back and becomes more effective in coverage and attacks the passer, he could elevate himself in the draft, but he would probably be a late round pick if he goes this year.

    The offense doesn’t have an NFL caliber offensive lineman or wide receiver that isn’t a freshman (except McKenzie, who could be drafted as a return specialist and fifth/slot WR), and with those guys we don’t know how/if they’ll translate yet. It is hard to imagine, though, that a coaching staff couldn’t maximize the potential of guys that got the last guy fired in just eight short months.


    • I would argue it’s a combination of “the previous administration was unable to develop the accruately-evaluated high school talent into stars, or Kirby was unable to effectively deploy the hordes of talent at his disposal”.

      One simple example of the latter: a scant two seasons ago, Georgia was one of the best teams in college football at throwing the running back screen. It’s disappeared from the playbook now. Given the shortcomings on the offensive line and Chubb’s and Michel’s abilities as receivers, how do you explain that?


      • This pinpoints my fear–that we will deal with our inability to get the best out of our talent by recruiting our way out of the hole. This is a long term strategy that brings into focus garbage comments like “throwaway years”.

        From my layman’s perspective, the offensive game plans seem to be week by week ad-hoc affair, in which this coaching staff grasps blindly for an offensive identity while lacking the imagination and the critical underpinnings of a cohesive offensive philosophy. All of this has a first time head coach smell all over it. Sigh….


      • Atticus

        Agreed, they didn’t use Chubb and Sony in enough looks but that could be a function of 1st year with a true freshmen QB and NO OL or good blocking WRs. Its a big ? though.


      • Will (The Other One)

        I shudder to ask how often we saw Chubb and Sony in the same backfield together.


        • Cousin Eddie

          are we going to count how many times the team was called for illegal substitution for having them both switching out in the huddle at the same time? JK


    • AusDawg85

      Nick Chubb and his agent are holding on line 1.


  10. PTC DAWG

    So how have we lost 2 of 3 to them?


  11. Go Dawgs!

    Class of 2013. Class of 2014.

    That’s all that needs to be said. Richt brought in two groups that were supposed to save the program, and instead they destroyed it. A preacher friend of mine has been angry ever since Georgia fired Saint Richt because I guess he thinks Mark Richt is the only coach who has ever gone to church or something, and he has posted on my Facebook page after every Georgia loss some snide remark about how you can’t blame Richt for that loss. Well, frankly, I can. I love Mark Richt and I would have voted against firing him last year. I had mixed feelings at best about his firing until I saw the offensive line and the defensive front in 2016. No longer. That’s not to say I absolve Kirby and Chaney and crew of blame. I have a lot of problems with Kirby, not the least of which is the fact that watching his press conferences has basically killed any warm fuzzy feeling I might have had about him as a fellow alum returning home. The man’s a bully to the press just like Saban, and it’s unnecessary and it’s stupid. I think Eason has not progressed the way I would expect him to in his first year, and I blame Chaney for that. I don’t believe in the offensive coaching staff at all. But yeah, if we’re looking at talent, it’s Richt’s fault. Kirby is at least doing a great job with recruiting. At least, that’s the way it looks right now.


    • rchris

      Remember that the 247 link evaluates what we have right now and takes our roster losses into account. So even with those problems, we finished with the 6th rated roster this year. (And did not play anyone with a higher rated roster this year).


  12. DawgPhan

    I love that people want to make the argument that UGA hasnt recruited well enough to beat vandy or ga tech.

    But considering we have seen “Georgia didnt really win 10 games last year” and “Kirby was smart to lose to tech this season” argued and repeated this season, I shouldnt be surprised.


  13. PTC DAWG

    Re talent on hand for current coaches..found this elsewhere..

    CBS Sports has Chubb as a projected 3rd round pick, Bellamy a 4th round pick, and Pyke a 6th rounder. Nobody else on the Dawgs is even considered draft worthy.


    • JT

      agreed, if you can’t coach the talent you have, more talent will probably help you beat the Vandy’s and GT of the world but not win any titles. Less talent and good coaching = Vandy. Good talent and good coaching = Alabama.


    • Napoleon BonerFart

      CBS shows Sanders as a projected 6th rounder and Kublanow as a potential 7th round pick. That’s five total prospects.

      But let’s follow your line of thinking. Kentucky, where we needed a last second field goal to win, only has one draft prospect. Missouri, which required Eason’s fourth down, last second heroics, has only one draft prospect. Nichols has zero prospects. Vanderbilt has two prospects. Georgia Tech has zero prospects.

      We had more talent than all of those teams. But we lost to two of them and our three wins were nail biters. If you honestly believe that we need a team full of pro prospects in order to beat Nichols convincingly, I’ll just say I disagree.


    • I find it very hard to believe that Sony Michel isn’t draft worthy.


  14. Minnesota Dawg

    Our football program and fanbase are certainly in the running for the excuse-making championship every year. There’s always something…

    –If there is at least one player on the opposing team who is more talented at their position than the Georgia player, then there is a talent deficiency…OR
    –Coaching turnover…OR, etc.

    In other words, there is always some completely justifiable and explicable reason, that is no fault of the coaches or administration, that we’re not winning real championships, again.

    Maybe next year….


  15. Looked like a coached up St. Richt Team most of the year to me….. Still a lot of St. Richt in that locker room like it or not.


  16. Cousin Eddie

    “The problem was failing to make the best use of the talent on hand.”

    OK Senator, how many times have you used that sentence, or a very similar phrasing, over the last few years?


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