Why I hate SEC conference scheduling, in two tweets

Pathetic, Greg Sankey.  Just pathetic.


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52 responses to “Why I hate SEC conference scheduling, in two tweets

  1. that schedule isn't going to schedule itself...oh, wait...

    Our schedule stays basically the same every damn year with the exception of 2 games:

    the UNC/Notre Dame slot, which is sometimes just a 3rd cupcake
    the rotating western division slot (Ole Miss this year, Miss St next)

    Other than that it’s the 6 division games, Auburn, Tech, and 2 cupcakes. Just a very boring schedule template.


  2. Will Trane

    When the Aggies were in the SWC, they were the butt of a lot of jokes.
    You know. Like how many pall bearers at an Aggie funeral. Two. That is how many handles are on a trash can.
    Now the Aggies went out and hired a wonder boy. The next Saban in the west. Looks like he is Charlie Strong. And remember Strong was the “in” coach at Louisville. Sterling record there. Came from the Meyer orange tree. Top defense coach. Had all the resume, position coach, DC, HC, big name school with more facilities and money than any D1 university in America.


    • Russ

      I used to kind of admire the Aggies growing up, but since I’ve moved out here, I’m not a fan. Lots of nice people individually, but together they are the closest thing to a cult I’ve seen. Anything to do with football tradition or spirit, and they think they’ve invented it. Pretty annoying.

      I’d still like to go see the Dawgs whip them in Kyle Field.


  3. sUGArdaddy

    I can’t believe the TV execs haven’t forced the hand of the 9 game conference schedule. And, at the rate we’re now handing out money (hello $1.8 mill to Arky State), you’d think the ADs would be for it. We could play 1 cupcake, a non-conf neutral site or home/home, Tech and 9 conference games. We’d see LSU, Bama, A&M, Arky and the Miss. schools much more often.


    • The coaches are the ones who object. They want an easy path to bowl eligibility and they can schedule 4 cupcakes and go 2-6 in conference play and get there.

      How many less bowl eligible teams would the conf. have if they played a nine game conference schedule? Sime teams aspire to conf. championships. For Vandy, UK, USC, Mizzou, and MSU anything more than bowl eligibility is a pipe dream.


      • Russ

        Just to carry that thought a tad further, how much bowl money would the conference lose with less bowl-eligible teams?

        Always follow the money.


  4. What do we clear for a home game? Last I read it was $2.1 million. If that’s still true, the $1.8 million seems like a lot to pay to clear $300k.


  5. Dawg93

    I wish we’d do away with the divisions. As a Dawg fan in the SEC East, that’s basically asking for harder games, so this isn’t an idea to help my team at all.

    But doing so would allow the SEC to match the top 2 teams in the conference, thus avoiding situations like we’ve seen recently, which is the West dominating the East in the SECCG. And we could rotate more West teams on our schedule and drop annual matchups with schools we have no rivalry with (Vandy, Mizzou, UK, S. Carolina, and even UT if you look back on the history of the SEC prior to 1992). Each team could have 3 designated permanent SEC foes (in order to keep traditional rivalries – Iron Bowl, UGA/AU, UGA/FL, Bama/UT, Ole Miss/MSU, etc.). Then rotate the other 5 or 6 games with the other SEC teams. Imagine a 2-yr period where we play:

    Florida, AU, Ole Miss, A&M, S. Carolina, LSU, Vandy, Mizzou.

    Then the next 2 years playing:

    Florida, AU, Ole Miss, Bama, UK, UT, Arky, Miss St.

    And before anyone complains about how tough those schedules are, the West teams already play tougher schedules than the above – take LSU this year for example – Bama, AU, Ole Miss, Miss St, Arky, Florida, A&M, Mizzou. And this happened to be a year in which Mizzou was way down.

    Better home schedules.
    Better SECCG.
    Seeing places like College Station, Baton Rouge, Tuscaloosa, Oxford, etc. once every 4 yrs.

    I really wish we’d do it.



    Still don’t think they belong in our conference. But they are, and I am coming around to a nine game sec schedule…even though we would most likely have years with only 3 home SEC games out of 9. That wouldn’t be easy at all.


  7. face it Richt is better at this shit than Smart and McGarity combined…My job is done here let the recommendations that I cheer for UM begin.


  8. Rocket Dawg

    Nothing will change until we are forced to go to the 16 team “super conferences”. Four 4 team divisons, play everyone in your division, one permanent rival from the other 3 and then rotate through the other the divisions yearly. You will get each SEC team on the schedule every 3 years and each team in every stadium every 6 years. The conference semi finals will be the defacto 8 team playoff everyone is clamoring for this year.


  9. I do find it really weird that I can not see more conference teams playing UGA. Learned to like the Pac 12, where I could see all the conference teams, and it did not take two decades to see them. Oh well, $$$$$$ to cupcakes.


  10. Otto

    I am still a big fan on 8 SEC games, GT and another P5 program on the schedule. In my opinion the SEC should mandate every member playing 2 P5 programs . 9 SEC games with the scholarship limits currently in place makes for a difficult schedule to make the playoff. The Miami/A&M scheduling does not bother me in the least. Further I really enjoyed playing UNC in Atlanta and wish UGA would schedule more games like this.


  11. ApalachDawg

    I get so tired of hearing about the West dominance. Was everyone crying about the East dominance back in the day.
    What a bunch of pooh-says


  12. Chi-town Dawg

    I have to admit the one road game I’ve been looking forward to was a trip to College Station for the TA&M game because of all the traditions and gameday atmosphere. Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait until 2024 before that becomes a possibility.


  13. Al



  14. Bright Idea

    8 years will fly by under Kirby…..won’t it?


  15. Overhyped

    The west isn’t any better than the east. Alabama is better than the rest of the league. The SEC west has some bad teams….Miss & Miss St. both have losing records at 5 and 7, Texas A&M is 8 and 4 and nothing special, LSU is an 8 game winner, Auburn is the second best team in the west and they lost to a bad UGA team again and Arkansas isn’t very good either. I know the east is bad when a mediocre Florida wins it again but UGA, KENTUCKY, Tennessee are all as good as most of the west. Vandy won 6 and MIzzou and S Carolina suck. All in all the whole league is fairly weak, not just the east.


  16. HVL Dawg

    Hey Marc, what’s with the “if he’s still coach then?” Why didnt you say if ATM is still on the SEC?


  17. daphne95

    The SEC needs to go to a nine game conference schedule.


    • Go Dawgs!


      If they refuse, they need to move Alabama and Auburn east and shift Missouri and Vandy west and be done with it. Preserves the only “crossover” rivalries that matter, restores the Auburn-Florida rivalry which apparently matters to both of those sets of jerks, and really puts together an impressive inventory of must-see games. Actually, I think we need to do this anyway, even with nine games. It hurts Georgia, certainly, but I’d still like to see it happen.

      I’m sure LSU would, too.


  18. Can we cut to the chase here: 14 teams in a conference that stretches from East Texas to Florida to Kentucky is gigantically stupid.

    12 was ok, 10 would’ve been better with a round robin schedule.

    Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered. The conferences and college football as a whole are going to learn that lesson in blood soon enough.


  19. Using the Ole Miss game this year as a guide, there will only be 3,500 to 5,000 tickets available to the entire UGA traveling party to go to aTm. Better get your order in to StubHub early. For Notre Dame also.


    • Go Dawgs!

      A&M’s stadium holds more than 102,000 people. Vaught-Hemingway holds 60,000. Ole Miss wasn’t being greedy with the visitor seats, they simply don’t have that many benches in the stadium.


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