I have seen the future.

If you’re looking for one legitimate reason to be excited about Georgia football right now, Bud Elliott hangs one out there for you.

Speaking of the SEC East, Georgia had a bad opening season under Kirby Smart, but the Bulldogs have 13 blue chip commitments, and the rest of the SEC East has 18 combined.

If there’s one unequivocal area of success in Smart’s first year on the job, it’s what he’s done on the recruiting trail.  And given the mess that is the current SEC East, if he can create the kind of talent gap Elliott suggests with that information*, that would go a long way towards getting Georgia back on the road to Atlanta on a consistent basis, learning curves and buying in notwithstanding.

*the standard it’s not February yet caveat applying, of course.


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  1. DawgPhan

    Smart has to flip more on signing day than he gets flipped…That didnt happen last NSD and we went from 3rd to 7th.

    Hopefully this next signing day he does a good bit of flipping.


    • The Dawg abides

      I don’t see any commits that we have to ‘flip’ from other teams. Just need to close on the in-state uncommitted players that are reported leans to us, then hang on to the ones we have. The ones to keep an eye on are the two Pennsylvania players we have committed. They chose us over Penn St, but I’m wondering how attractive Franklin’s team looks now after the run they’ve made.


  2. Otto

    I don’t usually get that worked up over signing day. I usually start looking at the prospects and watching videos the week of signing day. However, given the way this season has gone and regular complaints of roster management, I am very interested and hopeful for this class.


  3. It still depends on what the Coaching Staff does with the Talent.


  4. Russ

    Talent, especially a gap like this, hides a lot of sins. That’s assuming he gets a bunch of big uglies for the lines.


    • Irwin R. Fletcher

      Talent doesn’t cover sins. It’s a prerequisite to winning. Recruiting and roster management is every bit as important as X’s and O’s. That’s not saying you don’t need both…but if a coach is going to take UGA to the level that we apparently believe we should be, they are going to have to be GREAT recruiters and GREAT at roster management.

      If Kirby is the closer that we think he is, this class will be the best on paper since they starting tracking these things.



    Going to another level from where we have been in this area…


  6. Tronan

    I saw Elliott’s Tweet on this earlier today. I guess we’ll find out next season if we’ve got Boom, Part II or something better.


    • I don’t think it’s fair to judge Kirby till 2018. We lose 2/3 of our best offensive linemen and will have to play freshmen next year there.

      Don’t get me wrong, I hate losing to Vandy and Tech, but I think Kirby deserves three years.


  7. Tronan

    BTW, Senator, apropos nothing, I’m getting ads on GTP for FloridaMortuary.com, “the only funeral home in Tampa with an on-site crematory.” I know this season has made for some gloomy Dawg talk, but I’m not ready to burn it all down just yet.


  8. I hope this recruiting class is a tremendous success for many reasons; one being so that we can stop beating this no talent horse to death.


    • Huntindawg

      Maybe the false no-talent narrative is actually a work of genius by Kirby used to attract the blue chippers. And proving that he is a super genius, he intentionally lost to Vandy and tech and nearly lost to Nichols State. He is now using those losses to sell immediate playing time to this recruiting class. Kirby Smart, super genius, Hardheadipus Ravenous.


  9. RCBRick

    On the other hand, Georgia currently has 8 five star players rostered, while the rest of the east combined has 5. We already have a massive talent advantage over the rest of the east.

    On the other, other hand, florida is going to lose 3 first rounders off that defense this year. Going to be hard to replace that.


  10. Jktomberlin

    As I sit on the runway- preparing to depart on yet another trip to some far of destination (India this time)… this post just screams to me…..Butch!!! Please tell me UGA is not building “champions of life” 2.0!!!! Happy holidays, folks!

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  11. Dawgy45

    I reckon I’ll just have to hang my hopes on this; nothing else from the season gave me a warm fuzzy feeling.


  12. W Cobb Dawg

    Let’s hope all these blue chip recruits are offensive linemen or kickers, or linemen who can also kick, or kickers who can block.


  13. For those interested in what one Expert thought about the Tech Game
    and about the season, Read Darrell Huckaby’s weekly report & analysis.
    I completely agreed with what he wrote. He told It like It was and Is.


  14. Another trophy to add to the case along with our Home & Garden championship for kindest visiting fan experience and most tee times made.