Two thoughts I had reading this:  (1) this is what I love about college football, the creativity that comes from doing more with less; and (2) it’s kind of funny to hear a coach declare, “You want to put people on their heels” in the context of PATs.

Though I must say after watching Georgia’s offense this season, I’m a little jealous to hear a coach talk like this:

“We look at numbers and how people line up to us and if it’s a good look we run it,” UNH offensive coordinator Ryan Carty explained. “I’m in the booth so I get a good vision of things and I count numbers. I can see whether it’s man or zone. Things like that.

“We’ll have some plays that we practice throughout (the season), but when we use them we have to go on to the next one. There’s some plays based on what we see defensively that they do that we’ll put in that week. A lot of them are ways to get our best players in space.

“We have our aggressive operations, and then we have our, ‘This is when it has to happen.’ We have our chart, just like everybody, and we follow that chart to a T. That’s a little different.”

UNH has made five of its nine two-point-conversion attempts this season. The Wildcats are 1 of 2 when they have run the ball on conversion attempts, and 4 of 7 when they have passed.

Carty said UNH will go for two at any point in the game as long as the coaches feel like they have an edge.

“There’s definite forethought to it,” he said. “There are plans. It goes along with our overall philosophy on offense, which is attack.”

I guess there’s a difference between attacking the day and attacking the defense.



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8 responses to “Muddle-huddling

  1. jt (the other one)

    Yes…what I got frustrated seeing was our QB lining up and sticking with a run play when the numbers in the box said audible and pass…sigh.


  2. John Denver is full of shit...

    Sounds like a good way to approach a 4th and 1 vs Vandy or a 2nd and 8 vs Tech after a TIMEOUT. FML.


  3. BWD

    If they have gone 5 of 9, it means they have gained one additional point this entire season (unless they have a really bad kicker that misses PATs often). And they talk about the other team having to prepare for it, but how much time does UNH spend each practice working on it to get only one additional point all season?


  4. AlphaDawg

    Is this the high school coach who never kicked PAT and always did on side kicks that got a college job recently?


  5. Sh3rl0ck

    This is where the drop-kick needs to come back. You line up in a normal (or abnomal) formation but with the long snapper instead of the center. Read the defense. If the play is there run it. If not, the QB can run back 10 yards and kick the drop kick.

    I would also like to bring back the rugby style quick punt on 3rd down and add the “punt-punt” rule from Canadian football.


  6. 69Dawg

    Factoid Doug Flute was the last player to drop kick an extra point in the NFL.


    • Sh3rl0ck

      It was great when it happened. It was the first time since 1941. He celebrated like he won the Super Bowl after it too. When the NFL changed their extra point rule, they should have eliminated the holder instead of moving back 13 yards. That way, you don’t have to declare that you are going for two and extra points would have been more difficult.