The Get It Over With Bowl

Oh, what might have been.

A couple of years ago, a Georgia-TCU bowl matchup would have been Sports and Grits‘ wet dream.  Now?  It’s just two teams playing out the string.

Motivation level: Eh. After going 3-3 down the stretch and needing a field goal at the buzzer to avoid an upset at Kentucky, Georgia wants to put Smart’s debut season in the rear-view mirror so it can focus on what it hopes will be a brighter future under its new coach. This will not be an exciting bowl season for a team that sat at No. 9 in the Associated Press Top 25 early in the fall.

Motivation level: The Horned Frogs just need to turn the page on this season. They backed into bowl season with four losses in six games to finish 6-6. TCU needs a bowl win to avoid a third losing season in the past 19 years, so it’s got that to motivate it through December — and much of its roster returns in 2017.

I can’t wait for McGarity and Smart to push ticket sales by telling the fan base it needs to show up in Memphis to impress recruits.

On the bright side, it’s another noon start, so it’s not like we’ll have to break any viewing habits.


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44 responses to “The Get It Over With Bowl

  1. Aladawg

    And don’t forget to get your “donations” in before the tax year is over!

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  2. DawgPhan

    I dont know. I am interested and think that the dawgs could play well in a bowl game.


    • Motivation in games like the Liberty Bowl is a total crapshoot. You just don’t know until you see them play.


      • Macallanlover

        It certainly is, always hard to predict. TCU playing to not have a losing season is ptobably the stronger factor. And Chaney matched against Patterson is the bigger issue. Yes, even a Big 12 defense can be intimidating with Chaney dialing up the offensive game plan.


        • Will (The Other One)

          Patterson shut down a very good Ole Miss offense not that long ago…I worry quite a bit what a 103rd ranked offense can do to his defenses.


  3. AthensHomerDawg

    Senator! Are you trolling me?


  4. UGA85

    I’m excited about the game and hope to make the trip. I know CKS will work hard to prepare, and I hope the team buys in. A blowout win would set the tone for next year and raise expectations for Eason and our offense going forward.


  5. paul

    So you’re saying you haven’t already bought your tickets and booked your rooms?


    • I wouldn’t mind going to Memphis, believe it or not, but it looks like work will prevent me.


      • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

        Memphis definitely has some things to do – more than Charlotte, for example, imo – and it also has the kind of vibe that can only occur naturally through time in a port city. But when the game is being played is going to limit travel for a lot of us.

        Let me also make this observation: wasn’t Patterson also one of those hot coaches that some folks wanted us to interview instead of Kirby? Seems a little ironic to me…


        • Napoleon BonerFart

          Patterson’s had a down year. But he has a career winning percentage of 74%. He’s ranked #10 in winning percentage among active coaches with at least 5 years tenure. One ahead of #11 Mark Richt. The guy can coach.


          • vectordawg

            And he beat the brakes off Ole Miss two years ago in Atlanta.


          • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

            So you’re saying that he was 1 ahead of the guy who we fired and who managed to do his winning percentage in the SEC? That doesn’t sound like an upgrade to me. Kirby may not be an upgrade either, but it’s not like he has really had a chance yet. that senior class we honored a week ago was pretty thin in talent by the time they became seniors.


      • Thought your job was trolling on this blog 🙂


    • Gaskilldawg

      Memphis is a nice place to visit when the weather is nice. I have no idea how it is the last week in December, though.

      I would not be going regardless of our destination because of reasons not related to the team or season, but Memphis would be better than Shreveport or Birmingham or Charlotte.


  6. Russ

    Never been to Memphis, so I’m considering it. Tickets seem cheap enough, and I have to think the price is only going down over time.


  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    Meamphis be a great town…lotsa good food, music and so forth, but the weather can get wierd there this time a year…think ice storms…

    You can see the bright lights of Meamphis from the Commodore Hotel, and watch the duck parade (maybe) at Mr. Peabody’s.

    I am, like Kirby’s Godfather, concerned however that the bowl game will interfere with recruiting…team needs better players and more bodies more than practice.

    But of course I will watch and holler and worry.


  8. I’m just glad we’re getting the extra practices. Even that doesn’t have me clamoring to buy tickets and drive 8 hours to see them play.


  9. Derek Dooley 2.0

    I’m only 3 hours away and could make it in one day. But Memphis in December is awful. Wet & Cold. And our offense is as bad as a Memphis December. I have no desire to sit through that to watch uninspired football.


  10. Greg

    Considering the location and time of year, the noon kickoff is best from a weather standpoint. Temperature could be around 50 at that time of day….hopefully, no rain. It’s safe to say that it will be a close, if not entertaining, game considering what we’ve been through this season.

    This season has been just as dreadful as the last season when we went to the Liberty Bowl. Wouldn’t be surprised if our bowl experience is the same as it was in 2010 as well. We are certainly going to be at a coaching disadvantage. Patterson versus Smart is a huge mismatch.


  11. Glad we get the extra practices.

    Wish I had more hope for our program.

    I didn’t expect to win the East this year, but I expected far more improvement and definitely a better offense.

    I really suspect and fear these are going to be lean years before our next hire. I hope I am wrong.


    • Aunt Edna

      We started a true freshman at QB. We had an offensive lineman from a bad FCS school transfer and start for us, if that tells you anything about our O-line. We had an entirely new coaching staff trying to implement their scheme. We lack talent at receiver. We relied on walk-on’s for our place kicking game.

      If you came in hoping for improvement your expectations were too high.


      • Memphis Bleek

        “If you came in hoping for improvement your expectations were too high.”

        LOL, this needs to be on the cover of the offseason Hartman Fund brochure.


      • “If you came in hoping for improvement your expectations were too high.”

        Is that a joke?

        Because if we hired the right coach, improvement should have been obvious from beginning to end. Otherwise, he’s useless garbage.

        I already said I didn’t expect us to win a title. But improvement should always been seen if your staff isn’t shit.


      • If you came in hoping for improvement your expectations were too high.

        You’ve given Greg McGarity the perfect road map: replace the head coach every three years to keep the fan base’s expectations manageable.


  12. Willie's Weenie Wagon Bulldawg

    Charlie Vergos Rendezvous. Ask for the Dry Ribs

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  13. Sanford222view

    I am at least glad it is a fresh opponent Georgia has not played recently or very often.


  14. Uglydawg

    “….needing a field goal at the buzzer to get the upset at Kentucky”
    (Fixed it).


  15. Monker

    Weather is just like in Georgia – you never know in December. I lived in Memphis 2007 – 2011. In 2009 (Arkansas vs. ECU) the temp never got above 10 degrees – seriously. In 2010, I saw our Dawgs play UCF while wearing shorts and a t-shirt as the temp was over 70 degrees – and a massive rain storm came in right as the game ended. More typical would be 50s or low 60s.


  16. MGW

    If it were a bunch of seniors leading the team whose swan song was a 7-5 season with a Music City bowl ahead, I’d worry about motivation. But we got a new coach building towards the future with most of our best players being either freshmen or sophomores. I won’t be surprised in the least if they play one of their best games of the year.

    I, for one, am pretty excited about the matchup. We usually get shit bowl matchups, and I’d say TCU is a pretty good one, especially considering the year we’ve had. Seriously, 2007 we get stuck with Hawaii instead of USC? 2012 we’re 5 yards short of the BCS championship, and Florida gets the Sugar Bowl? Nebraska or Michigan State 4 out of 6 years? Yeah I’ll take TCU. Thats good television (I ain’t driving all the damn way to Memphis for an 11am local kickoff, sorry).


  17. W Cobb Dawg

    Well, TCU’s offense will be different than the plodding Big10+ offenses we usually get in these mediocrity bowls. I doubt a handful of field goals will win this one. I won’t get my hopes up that Chaney will use all this extra practice time to whip up a vibrant offensive attack.


  18. Mike Cooley

    “…so it’s not like we will have to break viewing habits.”. That’s gold, Jerry!