They said, they said.

Talk about your meteor pissing match — Dabo and Boom (“obviously, there was a racial slur”) argue about insults being tossed by Clemson players before their game without having any direct knowledge of whether or not that occurred.


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4 responses to “They said, they said.

  1. These two could give Urban a run for fake, unctuous, ridiculous self-righteousness.

    Why would Boom make it up? Then again, why would he bring it up-maybe to distract from the fact that Dabo could have scored 100 if he wanted?

    On the other hand, why is Dabo going out of his way to feign shock at the allegations? Why not a simple “I guess they’re really upset about the outcome of the game. I love my team.”

    These two are perfect for each other.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    What a great thing to look forward to every year in South Carolina…the Holier than Thou Bowl. Racial slurs on a football field? I would expect Boom has bigger things to worry about.


  3. lakedawg

    Dread the day we lose to that ass hole at S.C.