Final thoughts on Verne Lundquist

A nice tribute from CBS…

Tebow managed two “Uncle Vernes”.  I would have paid money to hear Saban do that, too.

Jack Nicklaus pitched in with this.

What’s great about this is to see a consummate professional appreciated in a timely manner as he goes out on his own terms.  That doesn’t happen as often as it should.

What’s also great is that Lundquist is humble enough to appreciate the appreciation.

Brad Nessler is a great replacement for CBS’ SEC game of the week — really, as good as we could hope for.  But Uncle Verne, you’ll be missed.


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30 responses to “Final thoughts on Verne Lundquist

  1. EgginDawg

    I was fortunate enough to meet Verne once. I was a guest of Michael Munson when they dedicated the Larry Munson radio booth a few years ago. During the game Verne came out to greet the family, took tons of photos, and took time to chat with the grandkids about how great Larry was without a care in the world how long it would go. Class act all the way.
    Gary (on the other hand) was a complete prick who couldn’t be bothered.


  2. Gaskilldawg

    I hope I am not offending anyone with my observation. Lundquist does seem to be a genuinely nice man. He also seems to be a guy I would love to spend an evening with talking about all he has seen in his career.

    The world needs guys such as him. That is why I worry about his health. He is grossly overweight and unless he addresses his weight his family and friends will lose the joys of his company sooner than they should.

    I know that obesity is a common problem and a lot of obese people don’t like others to talk about it but it is a public health issue.

    Verne’s travel schedule makes it harder to eat healthy meals and get moderate exercise such as walking. Maybe he can enjoy a healthier lifestyle at home, now.

    I sure hope so because I respect him so.


  3. Gravidy

    I will never understand why some SEC fans have made a cottage industry of disliking and criticizing him. Sure, he’s lost his edge in the last few years. He mangles more names now than he used to. But, wow, this guy was The Voice of SEC football for many years. For a very long time, hearing his voice meant I was sitting in front of the TV and watching the sport I love, and I will miss that when it’s gone.

    Don’t get me wrong. I like Nessler. He’s probably the best available guy for the job. But he ain’t Uncle Verne.

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    • Sh3rl0ck

      I never thought he lost his edge, and I found the name mangling to be one of his more endearing qualities. It made it seem even more like he wasn’t a professional and you were listening to a guy who loved sports who was giving his honest emotional reaction to the public just for the hell of it but was trying to do a good job. It was the “authenticity” that the hipster crowd is always talking about but can’t seem to define. He will be missed.


  4. NoAxeToGrind

    As Verne once said about Larry Munson, “Simply one of the best.”


  5. Spike

    The world is a better place with Verne in it. And would be indeed a better place if we had more like him around..


  6. Uglydawg

    Uncle Verne, Keith Jackson and Munson…They should be carved on Stone Mountain.


  7. Bright Idea

    Verne is a lot like a coach we once knew, a great guy who lost that “edge.” It seems the good guys lose it sooner than the jerks do.


  8. CB

    Verne is great. For me his occasional missed calls added character to his broadcasts. As a fan watching the game with my own two eyes I don’t need the commentary to be perfect because I have the gift of sight. I place a much greater value on the humility to admit a mistake and the personality to make a broadcast an experience. Verne definitely gave us that.


  9. Russ

    I’ll miss Uncle Verne, but Nessler is about the best replacement we could hope for. I suspect in ~20 years we’ll be talking about Uncle Brad.


  10. The Dawg abides

    Timely manner …going out on his on terms. Why does Musberger come to mind when I read that? One thing about someone as good as Lundquist- it helps emphasize how bad Brent is. He needs to take a que from Verne and try to leave while he has at least a little dignity.


  11. Hobnail_Boot

    Nessler is brutal.


  12. ApalachDawg

    Forgive me if i have zero respect for Verne. I just can’t forget the Auburn and Florida games when both Gary and Verne whiffed on some blatant, obvious calls.


  13. ScoutDawg

    By consummate professional I guess you mean half drunk. Yet I don’t hold that against him. No Larry Munson, but will be sorely missed.


  14. 69Dawg

    Ah the damning with faint praise crowd has spoken. Alabama fans of all people hated him. In the SEC if your not a homer your not any good and you hate my team. It has always been so and it will remain. I can remember when Verne was the TV voice of America’s team the Dallas Cowboys.


  15. fred russo

    In 78 years Vern an Keith Jackson were the best this country ever heard. GOD bless them both!!!!!