Before the Process

Really good article on Rich Rodriguez almost taking the Alabama job after Mal Moore couldn’t get Saban or Spurrier to bite.

The irony of losing RichRod because the hire was handled in such a way that he was able to use it to leverage more out of West Virginia in order to stay while ‘Bama turned again to the Sexton-represented Saban to take the job shouldn’t be lost on anyone.

In the end, this wasn’t a case of rather be lucky than good.  Mal Moore was lucky and good.


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9 responses to “Before the Process

  1. MGW

    A “money is no object” attitude from the get-go may cost more than necessary, but you’ll wind up with the cream of the crop. Thats the Alabama way regarding hiring.

    Georgia on the other hand likes to see who’ll come to the trough, let everyone there know they’ll be making less than they could elsewhere, then begin haggling even lower and see what we wind up with. You might not get the best, but you’ll be pretty confident you didn’t overpay.


    • Normaltown Mike

      Not sure Alabama’s hiring of Mike Dubose, Dennis Franchione, Mike Price or Mike Shula fits that narrative.


  2. 3rdandGrantham

    fascinating stuff, and its amazing how events like these can dramatically change the course of history. One of my best friends is a Bama grad/booster, and I’ll never forget his roller coaster of emotions during that time. First he was depressed that they couldn’t get Saban, then excited that RichRod was coming, followed by more depression when RichRod said no. And when Saban changed his mind and take the Bama job, he was beyond happy — couldn’t really believe it in fact.

    Let’s also not forget the Miami Dolphins team doctor, who IMO is the #1 reason why Saban ended up at Bama. Saban was set on staying in Miami for many years (though his wife didn’t exactly like south Florida), and he was thrilled to have landed Drew Brees (whom he felt was the missing piece in putting together a great team). However, the team doc refused to clear Brees due to his recent shoulder injury, thus Brees ended up in N.O. while Saban was stuck with Daute Culpepper. Saban was pissed and basically knew right then and there that it would be almost impossible for him to succeed in Miami, and thus his sudden re-interest in the Bama job.

    So if the SEC truly wants someone to blame for the wrath of Saban, its that damn Miami team doctor who refused to clear Brees. Even worse, that doc was obviously wrong, as Brees went on to a HOF career in N.O.


  3. Derek

    “I just want you to know you’ve hired a horseshit football coach,” Saban told Moore. “But nobody will out-recruit me.”

    True dat. Get the best players. Play the ones who work the hardest. What can go wrong?


  4. Ben

    Weren’t there some photos of houndstooth sombreros when this news first popped? I imagine, knowing the cultural sensitivity of people in the South, this could’ve gotten ugly if he didn’t succeed at Bama.


  5. AusDawg85

    Thank goodness we hire the guy we want instead of chasing the best. 🤔


  6. Bright Idea

    Thinking RichRod would or could still be at Bama now is quite a stretch. He was making bank then because of the HUNH Spread, not because he was the diligent coach and recruiter that Saban is. He might have even won a NC in 3 years but he would have never been the next Bear like Saban is.