Danielson on Lundquist

Two sentences.

“He’s not telling you what happened, he’s enjoying it with you. That’s an unbelievable skill,” Danielson said.

That is absolutely perfect.


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22 responses to “Danielson on Lundquist

  1. fishook dawg

    Yeah it’s a shame we don’t get that anymore now that Larry is gone.


  2. Al

    There just isn’t anyone better. And there never will be.


  3. Russ

    Pretty astute.


  4. Biggen

    Eh. No hard feelings Uncle Verne is gone for me. I’d prefer to mute the damn t.v. anyway and listen to the radio broadcast.


    • Dawgwood

      That was the case with Larry, but I’d go with Verne over Scott Howard any day. I love Scott Howard but he’s just different. Maybe I still just haven’t gotten over the loss of Larry.


      • 92 grad

        Nah, Howard manufactures the testosterone filled growl to try to convey the manhood that is Georgia football and it doesn’t match. An inviting sort of witty friendly type is better for us.


      • Macallanlover

        Better get ready, Beth is calling the Liberty Bowl. I try to be fair with Howard, it isn’t his fault we had Larry before. I can get by with the voice and new style……..except tell me the yard lines or number of yards gained/lost. I hear who the runner is, and that he turned the corner, and is now out of bounds but for God’s sake man, it is a fricking radio so I cannot see if we gained six yards and lost two. I know the yardage to make, and the yard line to make the 1st down just give me a clue before three damned minutes go by. Not sure he realizes we cannot see what he sees, tell us man, give me some details. Go back and listen to Larry, I always got the picture….because he painted it!


        • The Dawg abides

          That’s my biggest complaint with Howard. He’s very slow to relay yardage gained on a play, if he does at all. Sometimes you’re lost until he gives the down and distance for the next play. I do like his loyalty and enthusiasm, but wished we’d looked around a little before just hiring someone with Georgia ties. Maybe there could have been some kind of a search committee to find the best available . . . .ah, nevermind.


          • Jared S.

            Scott Howard seems like a nice dude, but I give him a B- for his work on his best days. I don’t have cable, so I listen to the radio broadcast online unless UGA is playing SEC on CBS. I will really miss Verne! I’m one of the few who absolutely loves to hear Gary’s color commentary though, so I’ll still be happy….

            Howard’s best moments are when he’s mocking an opponent for some reason or another. Hahaha.


            • Russ

              Agree with all the comments about Howard. I listened to the tech game driving home and was constantly complaining about not knowing the down and distance. When we had the ball, he’d scream about a “huge hole” in the line for Michel or Chubb, and then I’d find out we gained 3 yards. Next, when tech had the ball, he’d scream about some great tackle and I’d finally find out it was after a 12 yard gain. The guy is over the top, even in a broadcasting world where over the top is normal.


            • Wolfman

              Agree with you on Gary. I don’t find most people agree, but I always find I learn something from his commentary, compared to the guys who just want to talk all the time.

              Howard has what I consider to be a dream job. But the guy after Larry was always going to have a tough go of it.


  5. DoubleDawg1318

    Agree wholeheartedly. Hopefully, CBS can get Blackledge back to join Nessler. Those two are the best of the modern era. I will miss Verne even though, he had his faults, I never doubted for a minute he was enjoying it alongside us.


  6. Athens Dog



  7. Stumpy Pepys

    Yes Sir!!, Uncle Verne is my second-favorite announcer born in Minnesota! I remember (more than a few years ago) when CBS handled the Winter Olympics’ broadcast and Verne was relegated to figure skating. I can think of any number of other events I’d prefer to watch (tiddlewinks and ballet come to mind), but in order to humor my wife I agreed to watch it…and lo and behold, there was Verne, He seemed to ENJOY it, and he conveyed that enthusiasm to the TV audience with his “play-by-play.” I’ve never been able to watch figure-skating since. Danielson nails it. Verne slips up from time-to-time, but his investment in the competition and his avuncular style are unique among broadcasters. Saturday afternoons just won’t be the same!


  8. Soccerdawg

    Can you imagine Ray Hudson (soccer) as a commentator for UGA football?


    • TheRealDrPepper

      Now that would be “train wreck” interesting and I’d love to see it happen at least once. Hudson is a special kind of crazy that can get a guy like me (I kinda like soccer, but I’m not in love with it) to sit through an entire game between teams I couldn’t care less about because he’s that entertaining. It’s kinda like Axl Rose being the new frontman for AC/DC. Not sure it’s a perfect fit, but worth seeing for the novelty and entertainment value alone.


    • Silver Creek Dawg

      I could listen to Rocky wax hyperbolic over reading the phone book…