Today’s reminder that the NCAA is all about the kids

An Eastern Michigan player who transferred from Michigan will not be allowed to travel with the Eagles for their trip to the Bahamas Bowl later this month, according to his post on Facebook.

Samuelson wrote that an NCAA rule blocked him from traveling to the game because he hadn’t yet spent two full semesters at Eastern Michigan, despite spending the full season practicing on EMU’s scout team.

“What aggravates me so much is that a student athlete like myself is penalized in so many aspects for making a decision that ultimately is better for them in every aspect. A coach can leave at any moment and join another team with no penalties whatsoever. What does that say about how we are truly viewed? Not well, I’d say.”

It’s a learning experience, son.  That’s what the NCAA is all about.


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2 responses to “Today’s reminder that the NCAA is all about the kids

  1. Coach Bobby Finstock

    How does a rule like this originate? Meaning, does something problematic happen that causes the NCAA to come up with a rule to combat a genuine problem? Or do they just make it up as they go along without rhyme or reason.

    Some rules are more obvious, “we gotta do something about that” kinda rules. Rules like this one…WTF?


    • Sh3rl0ck

      You obviously don’t have any experience with governmental / bureaucrat types. When you give these people to the option to create a regulation on something, they will. They do it for the shear control. They like that they dictated something. This dictate will almost always be arbitrary and eventually counter-productive to correct reasoning. Reasonable people do not seek out these jobs. When they get them by accident, they plot their early exit. This is why government programs almost universally fail. The NCAA isn’t a governmental agency, but it is an extragovernmental regulatory agency that serves over mostly governmental entities. One of the main state goals is to serve the interests of the student-athletes. Reasonable people want nothing to do with the jobs there; it only attracts the governmental / bureaucrat types who invariably create arbitrary regulations that harm the people they are supposed to serve.

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