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Nice while it lasted

He awoke in a blurry haze.  The inside of his mouth tasted like burnt kerosene. His body itched in places he didn’t think could itch.  One of his eyelids was stuck, gummy.  His nose was assaulted with a brutal stench; suddenly, he realized he’d come to in a street gutter.  What few clothes he was wearing were both nasty and torn.

“What the hell?”, he muttered to himself.  The last thing he could remember was being the toast of the town.  People calling out his name, raising glasses to toast, applauding… and from that to this?  How…

And then, suddenly, in a burst, it all came flooding back to him.



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In America, Verne Lundquist says goodbye to you.

It seems fitting that Uncle Verne, in his last college football broadcast, got to preside over one more dramatic game.  To no one’s surprise, he managed a classy exit without upstaging the moment.

It sucks getting old.


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Kicking Junior when he’s down

Man, talk about your low blows

It’s not as if a few silly statements are going to scare off a team desperate to win. If Bobby Petrino can get another job, so can Kiffin. But there’s a big difference. Despite being a rather despicable individual, Petrino has proven himself as a college head coach. Kiffin has not…

That one’s gonna leave a mark.

The Laner may go down as Jimmy Sexton’s biggest challenge.


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“Time to start my next chapter at Auburn University. War Eagle!”

With the news that former Baylor quarterback Jarrett Stidham has decided to take his talents to Auburn, I have a weird question — maybe not important, but definitely weird.  Has Gus Malzahn ever signed a high school quarterback who he’s developed into a good college quarterback?

Like I said, I doubt it means much in the vast scheme of things, but I can’t think of one.  Any examples out there?


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