By the ring on your finger, I can tell…

Say what you will, this is pretty impressive.

– With Lane Kiffin at FAU, take a look at this stat: All 7 FBS head coaches in Florida have won a national championship.

Jimbo Fisher won a title with Florida State
Jim McElwain won titles as an assistant at Alabama
Mark Richt won titles as an assistant at Florida State
Scott Frost won a title as a quarterback at Nebraska
Butch Davis won a title as an assistant at Miami (FL)
Charlie Strong won titles as an assistant at Florida
Lane Kiffin won titles as an assistant at USC.

That’s going to be a part of every coach’s pitch in recruiting. FSU, UF and Miami will get their players, but for out-of-state schools who rely on Florida kids, the local schools have coaches with a pedigree.

As I wrote yesterday, it’ll be interesting to watch how this plays out on the recruiting trail in the coming years.


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  1. 81Dog

    The good thing about Florida is the rainy weather will keep all the dust down as it gathers around all the championship bling.


  2. Makes for cheap copy as a story, but why does it matter?

    While certainly they are competing for prospects on a tiered basis (i.e., I suspect FSU and UF compete with eachother but not the lesser tier schools and vice versa), who cares who is coaching these programs. FAU and FIU have absolutely no reason for having football programs. I am reasonably confident that both come with a slew of red ink for their Athletic departments.

    The more interesting question is what does the fact Davis, Strong, Kiffin, and Richt took the jobs that they did say about their own assessments of their careers and relevance? There is always another crop of coaches coming behind them

    In Richt’s case, he got paid. Anyone who thinks that coaching at his alma mater was a big deal to him is not thinking about the net present value of being a p5 head coach. Richt did not think he was going to get another chance immediately and got a LOT of money to take the job. The program itself has little relevancy in college football today. As for Richt, if you were an SEC AD, why would you hire him? If he could not win enough at a program that has natural access to the talent that exists in Georgia, (i.e., not cheating like Ole Miss or Auburn OR winning 18 national titles in a row like Saban) how would that work somewhere else in the SEC?

    As for the rest, aside from Frost and Jimbo, they are all trying to maintain their relevance as Head Coaches and were willing to take whatever job that meant


    • lakedawg

      You might be selling talent in South Florida a little short. As Wewoof said below look at the kids we got from Fla. Also believe Miami will be as relevant as we were this year and the next few years.


    • DawgFlan

      bitter, party of one…


      • Charles

        Seriously. So many hurt feelers in that one.


        • no actually….

          I absolutely think Richt made the right choice for himself in taking the Miami job. Heck, he had a fiduciary responsibility to his family to do so.

          That does not change the fact that none of these lesser tier programs in Florida are particularly relevant. IMHO, the fact that Miami plays its games in an off campus stadium in front of 55K fans means its “barely” relevant. UCF and USF play in front of 30K, and FAU/FIU draw 5-20K.

          Those are facts. Another fact is that the State of Georgia produces the 4th most high school talent out of 50 states. That fact means that our program should be better than it has been (whether it is Richt, Kirby, or someone else at the helm).


          • Charles

            So many non-sequiturs.

            Just to be clear: you know enough about Richt’s financial and family situation to posit that he accepted a coaching gig at his irrelevant alma mater, because of his “fiduciary duty to his family to do so,” or whatever. But, it’s completely beyond you to apprehend why another SEC AD would hire him?

            You’ve got a fertile imagination. Mostly because you’re full of shit.


          • Dog in Fla

            I absolutely think Richt made the right choice for himself by getting two four million dollar salaries instead of one


          • Bazooka Joe

            Well Miami has more, and more recent titles than we do so your point is kind of invalid.


    • AusDawg85



    • Richt got paid … who cares (and good for Katharyn, Mark and all of the good causes they support)?

      He specifically said his agent took about 8 calls from various schools about his services. He wasn’t planning to get back in that quickly and then as Bear Bryant put it, “Mama called.”


  3. we can only hope that what talent there is gets spread around to all the Florida schools and not concentrated at the big three. It may not help but I don’t see anyway it can hurt us except maybe we don’t get Aaron Murray, Orson Charles, Sony Michel, Isaiah McKinsey…….wait a minute this isn’t looking as good as I’d hoped… a wall around Georgia and get Alabama and South Carolina to pay for it.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    By comparision, Kirby has essentially unchallenged recruiting dominion over the entire state of Georgia. Right now, UGA has got to be the recruiting crown jewel position in all of cfb!


    • GA is loaded, but “essentially unchallenged”?

      Yeah, if you don’t count Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, FSU, Tennessee, and SCU constantly trying to raid the state.


      • W Cobb Dawg

        Unchallenged by in-state schools, absolutely. Unless you’re saying fishfry or Georgia State’s Elliott pose serious competition for Kirby when recruiting in-state talent. That’s laughable at this moment in time.

        All the schools you listed are outside GA. They must ‘poach’ recruits from “our turf”. None have the built-in in-state advantages – flagship school, the myriad connections, legacies, funding, booster clubs, demography, geography, etc., etc.

        Brother Bluto’s point is recruiting is going to be more competitive in Florida, making life tougher for both in-state schools and out-of-state schools. Georgia has no similar in-state circumstances. Kirby is alone at the top of the heap of all the schools IN GA.


        • 81Dog

          UGA may be alone in state, but with all the other schools just across the various borders (Auburn, FSU, SC, Clemson, Tennessee) and the schools like Ohio State and Michigan, plus the rest of the SEC trying to nibble away at the talent base, it’s not like we just pick who we want and don’t have to worry.

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        • Bazooka Joe

          But in a lot of instances, these “out of state” schools are actually closer to the kids than UGA is. Remember Auburn, Clemson and FSU are all right next to the Georgia border. And South Carolina, Bama and FU less than an hour.
          This would all be fine if these other schools were not power programs, but they are.


  5. Hobnail_Boot

    Lane did win a title as an assistant at Alabama, not USC.

    Scott Frost won half a title after throwing a tantrum on live TV.


  6. RCBRick

    This is totally unsurprising. Every head coach is a pretty old guy, a guy who has been around for at least 2, and sometimes 3 or 4 decades. They got to be head coaches by being associated with successful programs. How often do successful programs win titles? Once every 20 or 30 years seems reasonable.