Just doing his job

Well, dang, this sure puts the Liberty Bowl bonuses in perspective.

Beaty’s new contract also includes added incentives for achievements such as conference championships, bowl wins and coach-of-the-year awards. Notably, Beaty will receive $50,000 for every FBS win and $100,000 for any BCS or Power Five victory.[Emphasis added.]

And here I thought winning games was part of a head coach’s basic job description.  How quaint.


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4 responses to “Just doing his job

  1. HVL Dawg

    Dink NeSmith’s dream.


  2. Sh3rl0ck

    It’s Kansas. If the contract covered the past two years, he would have made $150K. I am actually amazed that Mark Mangino and Glen Mason managed to put together a few good seasons there. To me, the folly that is Kansas football is the strongest proof that Bill Snyder is the greatest football coach in history.


  3. Athens Townie

    This is why I’m not shocked or outraged at our staff’s bonus incentives for mediocre / routine performance. Industry standards.

    If you’re in a huff about Kirby’s bonus… I hear tennis and volleyball fandom is easier to digest. How did we do on Richt (for the money) during the latter half of his tenure? Will we ever get our money’s worth out of Kirby? TBD.

    Mark left Athens a rich man. Kirby’s contract guarantees that he will do the same. This is how the game works these days.


    • Gaskilldawg

      I do not disagree. The bonuses for expected results are industry standard.

      I do not think object to such. I merely note the irony that in 2018 going to the Liberty Bowl would result in both a firing and an achievement bonus.