Go deep, young man.

Stewart Mandel thinks there’s a chance Jacob Eason will get to show off that arm in the bowl game for two reasons:

The Dawgs struggled through a 7-5 season, but their much-hyped freshman starter performed admirably (55 percent completions, 2,266 yards, 14 TDs, eight INTs). I would not be surprised if coach Kirby Smart lets him cut it loose a bit more in the bowl than he would in an SEC game, especially given TCU has allowed more 30-plus yard passing plays (24) than all but 17 teams nationally.

I agree the Liberty Bowl is as good a time as any to go what the hell, but I’m not sure that phrase is in Kirby Smart’s coaching vocabulary, even with the tempting target the TCU secondary presents.


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  1. John Denver is full of shit...

    I doubt there is even a game plan, but if there were, it would be nice to see our QB1 get to check into other plays at the line allowing him the ability to gain the confidence the coaches and the team want him to possess instead of only allowing him to go bowling with the bumpers up.


    • I wouldn’t mind seeing us go no huddle and call the play at the line like we did against Tennessee. Certainly, this year the idea of shortening the game by staying in the huddle as the play clock ticked down didn’t work very well.

      I better not watch because I may throw my remote through the TV screen if I see us motion every player into the box and see Sony or Nick get hit in the backfield just so we can impose our will.


  2. Man it would be so great if CMR were here to save face since UFC beat him in 2010 with a much less talented team, giving them their first bowl win in school history. I guess CMR just had a bad day because we all know he NEVER EVER got out coached. Maybe the players were not that good. Wait it’s has been decided that talent is not an excuse here at UGA even though it was said above that we were not as talented. Hmmm. Maybe shit happens and patience is a virtue, 2012 sure was fun. Things change in a hurry and I don’t think you have a big enough sample set to decide how anything will go in the bowl game. Lighten up man.


      • Herculean

        me too, I have no idea what this guy was trying to say. So we sucked in the 2010 bowl? Sure did, but CMR was 3-3 in his last 6 Bowls here, so nothing new there. 2012 bowl was fun? really…. beating..Nebraska…huh?


    • AthensHomerDawg

      CMR bowl destination his first year at “talent” laden Miami will pay the ‘Caine about a million dollars more than Smarty pants “run it up gut into 9 man fronts” at wonder of bowl wond r s Liberty Bowl. Jeepers you just ain’t happy until your standing on that man’s dick are you.
      I give up .


  3. Herculean

    Eason is last in the conference in rating and yards per pass, not exactly striking fear into anyone, to say the least.