Making recruiting services great again

Scout Media files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, thereby proving a limit exists on how much milking fans’ interest in teenagers’ decision-making process pays.


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7 responses to “Making recruiting services great again

  1. Bill

    Scout has been a joke for a very long time.


  2. I may be reading between the lines here Senator…but I feel like there is a sense of satisfaction in this post.


  3. CB

    You mean Dean Legge’s hot practice takes from the top of Stegeman couldn’t keep the company afloat?


  4. MGW

    They were a niche for a while; only a few covered it so the information was on lock down. Now every major sports outlet has a recruiting coverage arm and aside from message board scuttlebutt, anything significant is pretty much public knowledge within an hour. Most people don’t care to keep up with unreliable “inside knowledge” found of message boards.


  5. 202dawg

    The AJC’s DawgNation site (I know, GAG) has made sites like Scout obsolete for me.


  6. doofusdawg

    TOS (n.) – now defunct original term for dawg venters when referencing internet rumors from another forum.


  7. Maybe Dean Legge will actually have to get a job that he’s good at.