Today, in this is a real thing? article asserts that Nick Saban has gained the commitment of a JUCO player at a “position of need”.  Evidently, I do not think that phrase means what I think it means.


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  1. DC Weez

    Despite the hyperbole, that guy is pretty big for a DE. I wonder if he’s only going to play on run downs. If he can play against the pass, that guy will be scary.


  2. Puffdawg

    It’s all, relative baby.


  3. Godawg

    Position of Need? Does that mean…”Well, we’re only 3 deep at that position and one of them is only a three-star…”


  4. Sh3rl0ck

    QB is actually a position of need for them. All of their scholarship guys except for Hurts are transferring. They have two recruits this cycle. They better hope that they both like Steve Sarkisian. I wonder how Saban would react if Hurts was injured and they had to start the single redshirt freshman walk-on.