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For those of you who think it doesn’t matter any more…

Nick Chubb knows Georgia Tech is a rival, damn it.

As the saying goes, revenge is a dish best served cold.  Here’s hoping it’s downright chilly in Bobby Dodd Stadium next November.


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This is what “buying in” looks like.

Holy cow.

To repeat:  holy cow.

All I can say is I hope every one of those four has the senior season he deserves.  Especially Nick Chubb.




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Off to the roster management races

Here we go.

Is “looking to transfer” the same thing as “fixin’ to transfer”, or is that more of a preliminary stage?  My Southern may getting be a little rusty.


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The cost of doing business

Free at last!

The checks will no longer be in the mail for Derek Dooley.

The University of Tennessee was scheduled to make its final payment to its former football coach this month as part of his buyout four years ago.

Dooley was fired by Tennessee on Nov. 18, 2012, with one game remaining in the regular season. The university had to pay $5 million to buy out the remainder of Dooley’s contract. The guaranteed payments were due in installments of $102,049 per month through December of this year.

The university owed Dooley’s entire staff nearly $9.36 million in potential buyout money, including $645,000 guaranteed to Jim Chaney, who is now the offensive coordinator at Georgia.

(Chaney’s buyout payments only ran through 2013, so don’t get any ideas about Agent Chaney.)

If you think UT’s learned its lesson, pay attention to this:  “Tennessee would owe Jones $10.625 million in buyout money beginning this month if he was fired without cause.”  Of course, Booch has almost doubled SOD’s win total, so doubling the buyout kinda makes sense.

Question — if schools had to pay players, would they negotiate clauses like this with coaches?


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Generation skipping trust

When it comes to defensive coordinators, Junior likes keeping things all in the family.

Man, does this mean I need to come up with a new nickname?  Does Big Bro’ work?


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The art of the interview

So, Clay Travis asks Colorado coach Mike MacIntyre about other coaching jobs.  MacIntyre declines to discuss the topic.  Travis does what Travis does, with predictable results:

Travis: “Did you or your agent receive any calls about any jobs after this off-season?”

MacIntyre: “I have no comment on any of that.”

Travis: “So that means ‘yes.’”

MacIntyre: “No,  I have no comment. I really didn’t want to get into any of this. So I’ll talk to you later. Appreciate it. Bye, bye.”

Guess who got his fee fees hurt?

Travis: “Wow! Did he just hang up on us?!? That is unprecedented! Was I wrong? Did I do anything wrong there? I thought he was a fairly nice guy… he got rattled. I’m not going to ask him about the Alamo Bowl. Nobody cares about the Alamo bowl.”

MacIntyre’s mistake was assuming he was interviewing with someone who didn’t have a track record like this.  Live and learn, brother.



Never forget… with Travis, the story is always about Travis.


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Gin and juice

Boom invites Snoop Dogg to a South Carolina practice.


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