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Weird brings out the weirdness in people

The two strangest reactions to the news about Louisville receiving detailed information about Wake Forest’s game plans?

Start with former Wake head coach, now Baylor head coach, Jim Grobe.

Grobe said Wednesday that for 13 years, his practices were open and held in the middle of campus for anyone to see. Clawson continued that policy as well, allowing Elrod complete access to the program not only as the radio broadcaster but as a football alum.

“For 13 years we had no indoor facility, no privacy,” Grobe said. “Anybody could come and watch us just practice. So we had no secrets for 13 years and now all of a sudden that’s a big deal. We never had the ability to keep people out of our practices, so anybody who wanted to come and watch and share what we did at practice could do that and we had no ability to stop it for 13 years. Now all of a sudden it’s a big issue. I don’t get it.”

Let’s hope “For 13 years we had no indoor facility, no privacy” doesn’t include restrooms.  Yuk.

Just as far out there is Tommy Bowden’s take on the situation.

Former Clemson coach Tommy Bowden said he used to call graduate assistants that left other programs and “kind of pump them for information.” But getting information from an in-house mole who’s still at the school?

“I’ve never heard that happen,” Bowden said. “If he left the program and went somewhere else, that’s normal sharing information. But not in-house. It just ruined the guy’s career. Originally, when it happened, I thought Petrino or his assistants went to the locker room and looked in garbage cans [and found Wake Forest’s game plan]. Most everybody does that.”

The difference is that Alabama has four support staffers who handle dumpster diving.  No other school has more than one.


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This is what being 0-1 against Georgia Tech gets you.

Kirby Smart, “the guy from Georgia”.

Imagine the level of smugness that will ensue if Smart manages to lose at BDS next year.


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“The case has been resolved to the satisfaction of the parties.”

Including FSU, I would say.


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David Greene’s got your throwaway season right here.

This strikes me as the perfect tone to take describing Georgia’s 2016 season:

Q: How would you assess Georgia’s first season under Kirby Smart?

A: “I think it certainly went worse than people had planned. I think Kirby is a phenomenal coach, and I know he coaches those guys up hard, but where I was most disappointed was offensively and that we didn’t have more production than we did. There were times we moved the ball between the 20s, but we couldn’t score touchdowns, and when you don’t do that, it’s obviously very difficult to win in this league.

“Not being able to close out some games we should have closed out also hurt. I don’t think Georgia is as far as some people think in terms of turning things around and being a great team, but you can’t lose some of the games we lost this year, especially Georgia Tech there at the end. That was as gut-wrenching as it gets.”

Q: Could more rebuilding be in store next year given that an offensive line that struggled this season loses three starters?

A: “You never know, but in this day and time, it’s not that big of a deal for true freshmen to come in and play compared to 10 years ago. You’re seeing more true freshmen, even on the offensive line, getting on the field and making an impact. Players now know what to expect of Kirby, whereas before they were trying to get familiar with the way he does things.

“Georgia fans would be all over Coach (Mark) Richt when he won 10 games, but I thought they were actually pretty patient this year. Long term, we have the right coach. We just have to get the right players and the right system, because we never settled in offensively and got an identity.”

Realism about the low points this year and reasonable expectations for future improvement… how hard is that to explain?


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