Pressure drop

This is reassuring.

Freshman quarterback Jacob Eason is growing, but he had issues when teams put pressure on him. When he was under duress this season, Eason completed just 27.1 percent of his passes with one touchdown to three interceptions. He was sacked 18 times and lost two fumbles. He threw for just four first downs and had a raw QBR of 1.7 under duress. Eason still has some issues reading defenses at times, but to really throw him off his game, you just have to get some pressure on him without having to blitz.

The response to that is to devise an offensive game plan that keeps Eason out of obvious passing situations.  Yeah, I know.


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14 responses to “Pressure drop

  1. Big dawg

    Most QBs numbers drop in those situations. He made up for it in the clutch though.


  2. The other Doug

    …and we are back to our porous OL.

    You want to give me some grade A kool aid this off season? Just lace it with some OL hype and I’m yours.


  3. you just have to get some pressure on him without having to blitz.

    Every QB on the planet has trouble when a defense can do this. Pressure with 4, drop 7 in coverage to cover 5 eligible receivers. If you can’t slow the front four with your OL, and you can’t run the ball effectively, your offensive options are very, very limited.


  4. With the least bit of pressure, he loses all focus down field, gets happy feet and isn’t a threat to run. Incredible arm. What bothers me about that is, I expected much more progress given the amount of playing time. He just wasn’t that much different at the end of the season compared to the beginning. It’s probably as much on the coaching, receivers and line play as it is on him but the light has to turn on pretty for him. I just don’t see it having to take two full seasons to get comfortable if he’s the talent we’ve all been led to believe.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    One question is Chaney’s influence on Eason. He’s no Bill Walsh or Don Coryell to begin with. The move from the sideline to the booth mid-season had to be either for performance or health reasons. When Chaney coached Brees he was almost a couple decades younger.

    While the jury is out with Chaney as OC (at least for some fans), I feel Eason would benefit from having a QB coach who is fitter and can actually demonstrate good footwork, etc. In that respect, Eason is very much on his own or dependent on Lambert and Ramsey for guidance. At this point I think Eason and UGA desperately needs more QB coaching.

    Kirby’s policy of not allowing assistants access to the press might be damaging to the QB situation too. One would hope an older, experienced coach like Chaney could step forward when Eason struggles to absorb or deflect the slings and arrows. But Chaney can’t do that if he’s muzzled. Leaving Eason totally on his own – not a good situation at all for a developing QB.


  6. Bigshot

    I’m going to need to find my safe place.