The cost of doing business

Free at last!

The checks will no longer be in the mail for Derek Dooley.

The University of Tennessee was scheduled to make its final payment to its former football coach this month as part of his buyout four years ago.

Dooley was fired by Tennessee on Nov. 18, 2012, with one game remaining in the regular season. The university had to pay $5 million to buy out the remainder of Dooley’s contract. The guaranteed payments were due in installments of $102,049 per month through December of this year.

The university owed Dooley’s entire staff nearly $9.36 million in potential buyout money, including $645,000 guaranteed to Jim Chaney, who is now the offensive coordinator at Georgia.

(Chaney’s buyout payments only ran through 2013, so don’t get any ideas about Agent Chaney.)

If you think UT’s learned its lesson, pay attention to this:  “Tennessee would owe Jones $10.625 million in buyout money beginning this month if he was fired without cause.”  Of course, Booch has almost doubled SOD’s win total, so doubling the buyout kinda makes sense.

Question — if schools had to pay players, would they negotiate clauses like this with coaches?


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8 responses to “The cost of doing business

  1. That was only 4 years ago???


  2. David K

    $102K per month wouldn’t be too shabby. Think I could swing that. In hindsight, opportunity ended up being there after all.


    • Mayor

      I think all told SOD got roughly $12Mil for 3 years of coaching. Not too shabby. Bootch’s UT contract approaches Charlie Weiss’ ND contract for stupidity.


  3. DavetheDawg

    I wonder what Vince made at UGA in 1980, adjusted for inflation? We all want our kids to do better than ourselves, but damn!


  4. dawgfan

    No wonder their field is in worse condition than a rec league field in South Georgia in the middle of a drought.


  5. South FL Dawg

    Sure they would. TV money gets bigger and if it didn’t they would get a loan or raise prices. Look at government.


  6. Free at last, until they begin another this year or next. LOL.


  7. The 984

    I had read that when Tennessee fired Bruce Pearl for recruiting violations, they chose to pay his buyout rather than fire him for cause. I think we can all agree recruiting violations and getting a team in trouble with the NCAA is reason to fire for cause.

    I only mention that because, even if Butch did anything worthy of being fired for cause, I don’t see the Vols opting to make it for cause.