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Today, in mistakes were made

On second thought, Louisville AD Tom Jurich suspends an assistant coach for the bowl game and throws himself on the mercy of the ACC commissioner.

Best part there is the “Coach Petrino has been firm” bit.  Sounds like somebody’s leaving himself an out in case it turns out Bobby hasn’t been entirely truthful about the matter.

I’m sure Swofford is the force behind Jurich’s change of heart.  Better late than never, I suppose.  Though it would still be nice to hear Jurich flatly apologize to Wake’s players on behalf of his coaching staff.



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This wheel is on fire.

In the days of VanGorder, I hated the damned bubble screen that Florida ran (and ran) with success against Georgia.  But in the days since, no play call fills me with more despair to watch a Dawg defense attempt to cover than the wheel route.  Calling it college football’s rudest play?  I’m down with that.


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You say you want a revolution.

It’s a tweet, and 140-character nuance is hard sometimes, but this isn’t the kind of go-ahead I’d expect to see from Tony Barnhart.

“Boycott for money or practice conditions”?  Citoyens! Aux barricades!!!


UPDATE:  By the way, even if you don’t approve of their tactics, it appears some compromise is trying to be reached.

Friday morning, Gophers team members met with a lawyer representing the 10 suspended players in downtown Minneapolis, plotting their strategy on how to move forward. Later, sources said the players were planning an evening meeting with some university regents.

Regents Darrin Rosha and Michael Hsu were seen attending the Friday night meeting.

Two sources said Kaler wasn’t invited to Friday night’s meeting but arrived anyway. The Gophers’ senior leadership group of quarterback Mitch Leidner, linebacker Jack Lynn and others helped lead the conversations with Kaler.

According to sources, one of the players’ goals was to have the hearings for the 10 suspended players moved up from January to early next week. But that goal wasn’t reached as of Friday night.

Move up the hearings date?  Dang, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say it sounds like somebody read my post yesterday.


UPDATE #2:  Our short national nightmare is over.


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Fabris Pool reminder, bowl edition

Just had an email about the pick ’em this morning, so if you want to play, click here to sign up, and if you’ve signed up, don’t forget the first batch of games start today, so get ‘yer picks in now.

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