This wheel is on fire.

In the days of VanGorder, I hated the damned bubble screen that Florida ran (and ran) with success against Georgia.  But in the days since, no play call fills me with more despair to watch a Dawg defense attempt to cover than the wheel route.  Calling it college football’s rudest play?  I’m down with that.


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  1. Dawg Vegas

    I became aware of this play early in Donnan’s tenure, when we hit Olandis Gary for a big gain up the left sideline against S. Carolina. I remember JD calling it a simple wheel route on his TV show, and that was probably the first time I heard the term.

    It’s diabolical because it is so simple to see developing from the stands or on TV, but when it works is often crazily wide open, making defenses look dazed and overmatched.

    Seems like a great fit for Sony, no?

    Good article – thanks


  2. Bright Idea

    The Atlanta Falcons ran this play pretty well with Bubba Bean back in the stone age but not until a Spurrier or Leach uses it does it become genius and unstoppable.


    • Linda

      We should hire CSS. Put him on retainer for the next three years. How much do you think that might be worth or what the cost would be.


  3. Tatum

    Can anyone remember UGA running the wheel route?


  4. Stafford’s TD pass to Moreno and Murray’s to Marshall in bowl games were off the wheel route if I remember correctly.