Greasing the skids for 2018

The ’18 home schedule, while not as sad as next year’s, is shaping up nicely for that coming title run.

As reported by ESPN’s Brett McMurphy on Wednesday, Middle Tennessee has been added as a home game for the Bulldogs during the 2018 campaign.

The Blue Raiders are 8-4 this season, and they will play Hawaii in the Hawaii Bowl on Saturday. Georgia has played Middle Tennessee just once before, with the Bulldogs winning 29-10 in 2003. The Bulldogs’ nonconference schedule for 2018 also includes Murray State, Massachusetts and Georgia Tech.

With any luck, we might see ten wins that season.



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23 responses to “Greasing the skids for 2018

  1. Gotta hope the East has vastly improved by then or we go undefeated because we won’t get any strength of schedule points with that non conference schedule….


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      Get to the SECCG and win it and strength of schedule is a non factor. But I also that it means a lot of noon kickoffs. 😦


  2. Matthews Dawg

    Wait, 10 wins???? I thought that isn’t good enough for us! CMR did that and ultimately got let go. Let’s go for 11 wins!! Go Dawgs


  3. DawgPhan

    that was savage.


  4. DawgPhan

    3 conference home games then?

    I doubt we are going to see 8 home games are we?

    We should be seeing UT, Vandy, and Auburn in 2018 @ home.

    USCe, UK, Mizzou on the road.


    Whatever West team rotates in and we play them on the road. Anyone know who rotates in? LSU or TAMU maybe? Both of those would be good road trips.


  5. JasonC

    Working through the M’s, I see.


  6. waterloodawg

    I think Georgia is very capable of 10 wins a season with the right coaching.



    Piss..moan…recycle…you can do better..I have seen it myself.


  8. dawgfan

    Awful. We would be better off buying tickets off Stubhub for the 2 decent home games each year that aren’t a noon kickoff.


  9. RedHotChiliDawg

    The 2017 home schedule is why I can’t justify season tix. I will pay up on Stubhub for SC and maybe one of Mizzou / MS St. The other 3 (App St, Samford, Kentucky) you will be hard pressed to give away. The math just doesn’t work when McG wants more money and I have other competing uses of discretionary income and can enjoy the game from home with the grill, couch and cold beer.


  10. Ray Goff

    Come on guys… you get a charitable deduction on your taxes for your contribution to the Hartman Fund. Remember, it’s for the kids.


  11. Well, I guess we can see Kirby’s scheduling philosophy now. Do you think we’ll wait to see if he gets past year 3 before we cancel the UCLA series?