Steve Spurrier has some advice.

“To me, the way you last 30 years, obviously, you’ve got to win a lot more than you lose,” Spurrier said. “You’ve got to play by the rules, which is not hard to do. I don’t understand why coaches brag about following the rules and this, that and the other. That’s not hard to do.

“You’ve got to get along with your bosses – your AD, your president, sometimes even some big boosters can be your bosses. Just the ability to get along with people. Have common sense and so forth. (Ohio) coach (Frank) Solich, he reminds me of a guy that’s done that. He’s done it a long time, and I feel like (Troy) coach (Neal) Brown’s going to do it a long time, too. But get along with people. If you want to have a job for a long time, don’t be one of those guys that think you have all the answers. Be respectful and so forth.

Yeah, that worked for him.


UPDATE:  Retirement means more kibitzing.

“Let’s see what Kirby’s got …,” Spurrier said, turning up the volume on the flatscreen across from his desk. It is tuned to the SEC Network.

“It ain’t easy out there,” Spurrier said watching the press conference of Georgia’s Kirby Smart. “He doesn’t have a quarterback who can run.”

Soon after, Ole Miss’ Hugh Freeze appeared on the screen.

“It’s tough to play that opening game against Florida State in Orlando,” Spurrier said. “All summer you talk about it, then you go down there and get your butt beat.”

Finally, there is a biting critique of Missouri as coach Barry Odom popped up on the TV.

“All of a sudden, instead of running the ball like they used to, they’re a passing team,” Spurrier said. “Now they’re all sorts of soft. They can’t stop the run and they can’t run. Bo Schembechler, what’d he say? Running teams are tougher teams.”

Maybe his heart isn’t into it, but I think he’d make a great broadcast color guy.



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16 responses to “Steve Spurrier has some advice.

  1. Winning a lot more than you lose and doing it the right way is no longer a guarantee of a long career. Even Spurrier said Gator fans had gotten spoiled if they didn’t beat people by 40 every week when he stepped down.


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    Getting along and being respectful. That sums up sos in one succinct sentence!

    Sounds better than saying he never missed an opportunity to be an asshole.

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    • To be fair, he’s taking about getting along and being respectful to those within your own program. And I’m sure he always was. Nothing he said in that article goes against anything he did in his career. He didn’t say the key was to make nice with your rivals.

      I grew to be a big SOS fan. We won’t ever see another like him in today’s era of coach speak and political correctness.


      • Cosmic Dawg

        I had a love/ hate feeling about him until he quit. I thought that was all kinds of classless.


      • Linda

        Me too. Yes, he would be great as a color commentator. Don’t think he could be on a panel. He should use his talents to teach coaches and players in the SEC. Football Camp with CSS. BET he could get big bucks from alumni.


  3. WTS76

    ESPN formula for replacing some of the subscribers they have left, Palmer out, Spurrier in.


  4. BigD

    And if all else fails…QUIT!


  5. Bright Idea

    He left out, “you can always quit when the wolves get to your doorstep.”


  6. Mike Cooley

    Exactly. I’ve actually grown to like Saban. But I will never feel that way about Spurrier. Maybe I would eventually feel that way about The Old Ballsack but in the end he showed his true colors anD proved to me what I had always believed about him was true. He can be funny, he was an outstanding coach, and he could be entertaining. But the entire thing was about him. The man is totally in love with himself and all he cares about is gaining accolades and being called a “genius”. He proved none of the rest of it meant shit when he tucked tail and ran when he knew he wouldn’t get to look as good as he wanted. Screw him.


  7. Russ

    Man, I’d love to hear the ol’ ball sack as a color commentator. Or just add him to the studio and give him a 6 pack of Coors Light.


  8. The OBS is an OG Coors Banquet Heavy kinda guy…


  9. Spike

    Spurrier is a Cock. And he quit on his team.. the players he recruited. The man has no grace and never has.


  10. UGA85

    What he said about us makes sense to me. It is increasingly hard to win with a quarterback that doesn’t run. What’s the advantage? IMO, an immobile quarterback must be truly elite to justify the liability he intrinsically brings.


  11. Mike

    He certainly hates UGA with the heat of a bazzillion suns. But even with all that, he DID say that back when Dooley retired, he would have been interested in the UGA job.


  12. RCBRick

    Color guy is right, I’d be happy to just get rid of play-by-play entirely and let him mumble over the whole broadcast.