Double secret probation

McGarity spells out in a letter to Shane Beamer why the school is keeping most of Beamer’s sweet bowl loot:

“While you claim that you did not utilize or further disclose the information, you knew or should have known that Mr. [Tommy] Elrod was not authorized to disclose the information to you, that it could provide a competitive advantage to Virginia Tech, and that your communications with Mr. Elrod were inappropriate and unethical,” McGarity wrote in the letter. “When questioned about these events by University of Georgia officials, you made representations about material facts that are inaccurate, although it is not clear that your misstatements were deliberate.”

Beamer’s contract requires him to conduct himself “at all times in a sportsmanlike manner,” and “in a manner to uphold the highest standards of conduct and decorum expected for the administration, faculty and staff of the University and its Athletic Programs, including on campus and in the community.” In that, McGarity expected Beamer be totally truthful “in any dealing with the University of Georgia and Athletic Association officials,” and any additional behavior of this type could result in “significant disciplinary action, up to and including termination.”

If the fine is strictly over not relaying all the facts about what occurred with Elrod when asked by Georgia staff, that’s one thing, I guess, although $25K seems a little stiff for something non-deliberate in nature.  But if any of the hit is over what Beamer did before he was on staff in Athens, that’s more than a little bizarre.

In that light, I wonder where negative recruiting falls on the McGarity Scale of conducting oneself “at all times in a sportsmanlike manner”.



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22 responses to “Double secret probation

  1. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I think UGA could justify a 25k hit just based on special teams performance, but they can’t say that in so many words.


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    McG’s urge to penalize someone, anyone, with the team remains strong. Kirby drew the line on player suspensions, so McG needed a sacrificial lamb.

    And if you don’t like that one….

    No doubt McG was stewing about our coaching on the ride back from Jax, and waiting for this opportunity to present itself.


  3. Can he become less likable? For someone who thought the AD would be a huge asset to our athletic program when he returned to Athens, he has been nothing but a disaster and a PR nightmare.

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  4. Red Cup

    I hear it takes a lot of money to keep you hair dyed that color all year.


  5. Uglydawg

    Mr. McG….in a situation like this…less said-best said.


  6. Animal House Double Secret Probation{: & Where were You In 62?
    Our A D certainly was not where I was. I was there. He missed out.


  7. Heyberto

    Why put this in writing Unless you want this as public record? He really feels the need to demonstrate to the NCAA that he (and UGA) their bitch.


  8. Macallanlover

    If Morehead insists on keeping him on, please remove football from his area of responsibility. The guy is impossible to like or tolerate, fumbles every snap. Just work with intramural teams and don’t speak to anyone in the media. No one wants to hear McGoofy’s thinking on any subject.


  9. mwo

    McWanker is a sanctimonious, self-righteous bumpkin. Fining someone for something that happened while employed elsewhere? He can piss up a wet rope.


    • Bulldog Joe

      Got the 2017 Dawgopoly board game today.

      They eliminated Free Parking and half of the Go To Jail cards, but the Butts-Mehre building is still there at the corner of Cheap Street and Sanctimony Drive.

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  10. DawgPhan

    I know people dont like Beamer, but if I was him I would be finding another job ASAP. I am sure he has other options.


  11. Bright Idea

    It seems that fines of this nature might discourage assistants from coming to UGA in the future. Is that an unintended consequence that was not considered? I’ll bet a lot of good coaches have at least a little baggage.


  12. Is this one of those items, that the 90 day reporting window could be used on? Really do not know. If it is, then agree with comment above, time to look for a new job.


  13. Bulldog Joe

    Unfortunately, the McGarity scale of conducting oneself “at all times in a sportsmanlike manner” does not come with a lie detector.

    Today would be a good day to return it.


  14. CB

    Guys, I can explain. My aunt dated McG in college when he was the manager for the tennis team. Things went south for him when she dumped him for one of the players. This falls squarely on her shoulders, and I was sure to let her hear about it during Christmas dinner.


  15. Old Cobb Dawg

    If McGarity is fining Beamer for being less than forthcoming, maybe he ought as well to fine himself. Let us recall the 3 lies he told Dawgnation when he fired Richt. (1) It was a mutual agreement. (2) I made up my mind on the way home from the GT game. (3) I am forming a search committee…..36 hours later he names Smart the new coach. Reckon, setting an example is not part of his job description.


    • Mayor

      If you are saying that McGarity is a lying SOB you are right on the money. If you are saying that McGarity is a hypocrite you are right as well. But since apparently McGarity is the one in a position to issue fines related to athletics for the University of Georgia, well he ain’t gonna fine himself. Personally, I think he just needs to be fired period. No fines, no press conferences, no nothing. Send security to escort him from the building.