Something to crow about

No knock on the kid in question, who was the Big South Freshman of the Year, but that the transfer of an FCS defensive back who will have to sit out the 2017 season is a legitimate cause of celebration for South Carolina fans should give you some idea of how bare the last few seasons of Spurrier’s recruiting left the cupboard for Boom.



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14 responses to “Something to crow about

  1. Spike

    “Spurs up” !?! That’s Boomtastic..

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  2. Bulldog Joe

    True, but the performance gap between their program and ours is one game.


  3. Dawggone Truth

    Yeah, but Tyler Catalina… remember?


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Not sure Catalina is a fair comparison. Nobody on our OL improved under Pittman’s lousy coaching. I’m not gonna blame the players when the OL couldn’t get the job done against the weakest teams on our schedule.


  4. CB

    Shades of Connor Norman.


    • Oy vey. That dude was Clemson’s ATM in 2013. Every time they needed a big play, they went right after him.

      He played hard, but he just had absolutely no business being on the field that night.


      • CB

        JHC suspension put us in a tough spot. I felt bad for Norman. He did play his butt off, just couldn’t do anything with those NFL receivers.


  5. Everybody is referencing Tyler but he’s actually played as been at least serviceable. The guy I thought of immediately was a safety we signed in 2010 or so who called himself “the hit man” or some such nonsense. Clearly the moniker was to be taken ironically. He lasted one season and was out. The name escapes me at the moment and I’m too lazy today to find it.