The Amazing Mr. Baker

While I’m not ready to attribute the superpowers this David Paschall piece credits Deandre Baker with having (okay, I’ll grant you that Briscoe’s departure can be tied to Baker’s emergence, but McGraw played a different position and Hurd’s on a different team, for goodness sake), I will say that if you take a look at Georgia’s pass defense game log for this season, it’s hard not to see that Baker’s move into the starting lineup had some effect, at least in one area.

Need help?  Okay — Georgia’s defense gave up 11 passing touchdowns in the first five games of the season and only one in the last seven.  Sure, Missouri and Ole Miss made a chunk of difference there, but still, one in the last seven is one in the last seven.

If you’re looking for a little more evidence, check out the monthly progress here.

If the improvement is a mirage based on the schedule, I guess we’ll find that out for sure in the bowl game, as TCU is 24th nationally in passing yardage.



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8 responses to “The Amazing Mr. Baker

  1. I was so happy to see Baker getting the starts over Briscoe, Baker is definitely the better player


  2. Merry Christmas Mr. Senator.

    But speaking of Mr. Baker, that’s a load to carry on your for this bowl game. We shall see.


  3. dawgman3000

    Of course the pass D improved when Baker took over. Unlike Brisçoe, Baker wasn’t giving opposing receivers 20 yard cushions to work with.


  4. ClydeBoogie

    Count me in as a Baker Believer! My boy Briscoe was quickly heading towards Byran Evans territory. Great athlete just couldn’t do it on field. Evans was a good guy as well.


  5. ClydeBoogie

    I never thought it would take as long as it has to get another Tim Jennings Demario Minter combo again. You could leave those guys in single coverage all game.


  6. Biggen

    I’m with all the Baker believers here. Briscoe isn’t a good enough player to play FBS football at corner. He was never going to win his starting job back again at UGA.


  7. Greg

    Definitely a mirage based on the offenses we faced in the last 7 games. Passing offense rankings for those opponents: #83 Florida, #95 South Carolina (and we played them before their QB change), #98 Vandy, #102 Kentucky, #106 Louisiana Lafayette, #112 Auburn and #123 Georgia Tech. TCU is #24 in passing offense. The only top 50 passing offenses that we faced all year were #13 Ole Miss and #21 Mizzou.