Where it all began

I’m not exactly sure why — warm feelings of nostalgia, maybe — but West Virginia’s defensive coordinator is looking at film of the 2006 Sugar Bowl to prep for the Mountaineers’ bowl game against Miami.

“I have studied that film (of the Sugar Bowl) a little bit,” defensive coordinator Tony Gibson explained. “It is very similar to what they are doing now in Miami is similar to what they were doing back in 2006. We have it, we have watched it, I haven’t shared it much with the kids at this point, it’s more for coaches to look at.

“Again, they are a run team first, they run with power, they are more of a conventional offense, an old-school get in the “I“, it is going to look different for our guys, it is going to look foreign.”

Old man football, indeed.



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7 responses to “Where it all began

  1. dawgxian

    The secret is to make sure your opponent is out of condition so they repeatedly fumble the ball to you and give up long runs. It also helps if they are down their best deep threat

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  2. TXBaller

    He might should be studying the VT/Mia 2016 game….


  3. Jim

    Where it all began indeed


  4. Hogbody Spradlin



  5. BigD

    I would recommed a fake punt.


  6. Hobnail_Boot

    Why would they be watching an old LSU vs. Notre Dame game?