Will the last member of the class of 2013 to leave early please turn out the lights?

Shaun McGee, we hardly knew ‘ye.



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10 responses to “Will the last member of the class of 2013 to leave early please turn out the lights?

  1. Chipperdawg

    What a disaster this class turned out to be…


  2. lakedawg

    Remember well the press when he signed, big, tough 4 star MLB out of Gwinett County. Some neverliveup to expectations and some exceed, happens with every class, but 13 seems worse than snake it.


    • Macallanlover

      Unquestionably, 2013 will go down as a class where the rating versus production set an all time low. Some of it was injuries, more of it was issues dealing with character and discipline, but you cannot ever overlook that evaluating human talent at age 16-18 and projecting where it is at 20-23 is a very inexact science.

      There are many athletes who rise far above their talent rankings, but I think more that fall below expectations, and it is the plane crashes we remember and discuss the most. The role of leadership among these sub-groups is key, and we never know when the alphas are setting good, or destructive, paths, or whether an athlete is weak enough to allow the bad guys around him to drag him down. Alert coaches can be tuned into much of this but it is the peer groups who have to interact and play the larger role.


      • Well, there’s more to it than even that. The roster was it such a mess that they had to sign the biggest class in school history that year with 34. However, even with that huge class, it was still only the 7th rated class in the SEC.

        In other words, the roster became bloated with guys that were ok to good instead of great to elite. Mind you, I’m no faulting that strategy–at the time we needed that many guys just to be able to scrimmage.

        That class, and everything that it reaped, was the price for letting the numbers get down to 68 scholarship players in 2012.

        In retrospect, that 2012 team should be even more beloved for what they accomplished , considering that they were on self-imposed probation.


        • Macallanlover

          Agree, don’t think class ratings should be based on total scores where larger classes are rewarded over smaller ones. Leveling it on a per player basis, plus some score for addressing needs (difficult I realize) would be a better indicator to me.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    So we had 1 early exit to the nfl in Floyd. Kublanow, Douglas, Mauger, and Reggie Davis graduate this year. And we’ve got a handful of returnees – Bellamy, Ramsey, Atkins, R. Carter, J. Davis, O’Neal, Welch and Bynum. Not sure the 2013 early departures are finished yet…