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“For years, the NCAA longed to build a football playoff system for one simple reason: money.”

My, what a fine anti-playoff screed John U. Bacon delivers here.  (Although I can’t figure out what Mark Emmert has to do with the CFP.)  Actually, it’s more of an anti-college football management screed, when you get down to it.

First, they quadrupled the number of bowl games, from 11 to 41, which require 82 teams to fill them. Now just about any team with a winning record gets to go.

Then they tacked on a twelfth regular season game, when schools play “tomato cans” like McNeese State, Norfolk State and Bethune-Cookman, all just to grab another payday.

Then they piled on conference title games, too, increasing the total games a team can play from 11 to 14 — just two shy of an NFL season.

But we need a playoff now, they told us, to determine who’s best on the field. How? Instead of picking two teams based on polls, strength of schedule and computerized rankings, now they pick four teams — based on polls, strength of schedule and computerized rankings. Problem solved. Instead of the third-ranked team complaining that it got screwed, now the fifth-place team does all the whining. Another problem solved.

Remember, it’s all for us fans.  Just ask Bill Hancock.


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Random factoid of the day

Boy, tell me you can’t hear the faint, mournful chime of inevitability behind this:

This isn’t the first Georgia football team to lose to Georgia Tech, and it wouldn’t be the first Georgia team to lose its bowl game.

Losing to the Yellow Jackets and in a bowl in the same season, however, is quite the rarity for the Bulldogs. Not since 1989, when Ray Goff was in his first year as Georgia’s head coach, have the Bulldogs lost to their in-state rivals and in the postseason.

If there’s one phrase that best characterizes the 2016 season, it’s “not since”.


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What’s that definition of insanity again?

Oh, yeah.  Randy Edsall.


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