Random factoid of the day

Boy, tell me you can’t hear the faint, mournful chime of inevitability behind this:

This isn’t the first Georgia football team to lose to Georgia Tech, and it wouldn’t be the first Georgia team to lose its bowl game.

Losing to the Yellow Jackets and in a bowl in the same season, however, is quite the rarity for the Bulldogs. Not since 1989, when Ray Goff was in his first year as Georgia’s head coach, have the Bulldogs lost to their in-state rivals and in the postseason.

If there’s one phrase that best characterizes the 2016 season, it’s “not since”.



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8 responses to “Random factoid of the day

  1. stoopnagle

    Well, that would be turning the battleship in a new direction for sure.



  2. Got Cowdog

    Hey! Who drank the Kool-Aid this morning. The glass is half empty.


  3. Greg

    pretty sure I also read that it NEVER happened in one season to Vandy, UF, UT and GT. The recruiting is great, but at some point (probably next year) it will have to be backed up with wins to continue….will be interesting.


  4. AusDawg85

    Buttah days ahead.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Not sure which is worse, the article itself or the fact Kirby’s poised to achieve the dubious honor of losing both a bowl game and to gtu.