Your second random factoid of the day

Actually, it’s a factoid mash up.

An area Georgia hasn’t fared well this season is in red zone defense. When opposing teams get inside the 20, Georgia has allowed a scoring conversion rate of 94.6 percent. Twenty-nine of the 35 scores were touchdowns, with the Bulldogs having a hard time of holding teams to field goals in the red zone.

Tucker said this has been an area of emphasis, especially since TCU has posted touchdowns on 30 of its 44 red zone scores.

Best keep ’em out of the red zone, then.



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13 responses to “Your second random factoid of the day

  1. JasonC

    I can’t remember is 2017 supposed to be a throw-away year or not? And if so, can someone ask Bill if that allows us to still have a Year 3 jump or not?


    • AusDawg85

      Check the lexicon. This determination is held in secret prior to the season and will only be announced by Dantzler at the end of the season. Stay tuned.


  2. Red Zone D will be interesting to watch next year. I certain amount of that has to be random, right?


  3. Russ

    Who’s Tucker?


  4. Brandon

    Its mind boggling how a team ranked 16th in the nation in Total Defense could have been that bad in the red zone. 29 TDs and 6 FGs in 37 trips is exceptionally awful. It almost seemed like we got discouraged and just gave up once the opponent crossed the 20. Red Zone football is about “want to”. Its a mindset that the coaches have got to drill into these guys that no matter what, the other guy ain’t crossing that goal line, period. You can give up all the yards in the world but it won’t matter if you can keep the other team out of that endzone. Bend don’t break baby. I sure hope to see some improvement in this area next season. If not, it’s going to be another long year.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    The offense and special teams are our real problems. The D had a lot of young’uns.


    • Bulldog Joe

      Our defensive front seven also had depth issues.

      Graduation, early NFL departures, suspensions, and recruiting failures in 2013 & 2014 took their toll.

      To our offense’s credit, we rarely turned the ball over in the deep in our own territory. Most of the red zone scores we gave up were sustained drives where the opponent wore us down.


  6. doofusdawg

    All I can figure is that its a long way from the sideline to the huddle in the redzone and the kids just get winded running back and forth with all the substitutions.


  7. BrightOwl

    “Best keep ’em out of the red zone, then.”

    It worked against Auburn!


  8. Will Trane

    It would be more meaningful to know break down by teams, quarters, and formations those 29 touchdowns were given up. Like to see how many were by run or pass and the personnel package the D was in. Also once an opposing team crossed midfield how many plays and types of plays were used to get into the red zone. All of that against the FGs.
    How many times did the D force three and outs by game this past year.
    I like to see those kind of fact or stats.
    Other than that it is the same old articles you see all the time from writers.
    Or just maybe, tackling and coverage for whatever reason or reasons is more difficult to do inside your own 20.
    Widely published and stated that the D saw more spread and up-tempo this and pass.
    Perhaps in the near future [2017 would be okay] we will see more meaningful numbers from writers.


    • Will, at the risk of explaining the obvious, there are 126 college defenses that have done a better job of preventing their opponents from scoring in the red zone this season. There are 125 college defenses that have done a better job of preventing their opponents from scoring touchdowns in the red zone this season. There simply aren’t enough excuses/rationales/quirks to explain that away.

      Georgia’s red zone defense is bad this season. That’s it.


  9. Macallanlover

    Have never seen a UGA team this bad in the red zone, not even close. I have given up hoping someone will break through and make a play for us. I know it isn’t a lack of heart, but it does seem like a switch that should flip and sound a “code red” is missing with this group. Either that sense of urgency isn’t there or we have the worst positioned defensive alignment on the planet. I doubt those reams do that well against their scout team. Surely a penalty or turnover/bad snap happens to teams a few times.