“Are you going to win it?”

Nice, anonymous Georgia fan.  Although I’d like to think that anyone posting comments at GTP could have brought a stronger game to the presser.

Then again, those are probably tougher questions than the staff’s getting from Butts-Mehre… unless McGarity smells the opportunity to fine somebody.



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11 responses to ““Are you going to win it?”

  1. 3rdandGrantham

    We should have sent Derek. After his 51 minute opening statement that would have made Bill Clinton’s speech at the ’88 convention seem like a passing retort, Cheney surely would have been seen sporting a “I’m with Hillary” shirt at the game. XXXXL of course.


  2. Got Cowdog

    Damn. Just damn.


  3. Macallanlover

    Man, that was some really weak sauce. How could a guy like that slip by anyone’s security? But it does bring the question back up, what is the justification for keeping coordinators hidden from the press/fans? There are many good qualities we wished Kirby would bring from his time in Tuscalosa, I don’t think declaring himself the only one qualified to speak and handle press communications is one anyone is impressed with. In fact it makes him look small, just like Saban. The OC and DC are your top staff guys, and you don’t trust them enough to meet the press? It isn’t that KS is a great and smooth communicator himself, perhaps because NS never let him get enough practice. Not that Chaney is a newcomer, but this is a part of the development process for younger coordinators, why put them under a gag order? I could see that if the guy had really crapped the bed consistently at speaking out. Open the “process” up Kirby, everything Little Nicky does isn’t the “best” way, this is one of the weak areas that doesn’t add or build anything.


    • CB

      +1 does anybody else notice that CKS often has one word per spoken sentence that doesn’t quite fit? Not like it’s hard to understand what he’s saying, but when he’s quoted by a publication there has to have been some serious discussions about whether or not they should use (sic) in some of his statements.


  4. I would have at least asked him if Kirby ripped out the page of a 165-pound wide receiver running a toss sweep from the playbook.


  5. CB

    That was not a GTP comment. Based on his logic (we lost in 2010 so that could effect 2016 despite playing a different opponent, and having different players, and a new coaching staff) that dude is probably a Field Street Forum reader. Either that or it was Dean Legge and nobody recognized him bc he wasn’t tweeting hot takes from the roof of Stegeman Coliseum with binoculars during the closed part of practice.

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  6. Russ

    I’m pretty sure that was McGarity’s “job interview” of coaching candidate Kirby Smart last December.

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