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There was a little debate in the nature of he said, he said about the mid-season meeting Chubb and Michel had with their offensive coordinator.  Was it much like the initial version of the players walking in with something between a complaint or a demand, or was it a more benign meeting of the minds?  Here’s how Chaney described it:

… He also spoke about juniors Nick Chubb and Sony Michel coming to talk to him during the season and telling him “you’re doing too much, give (us) the ball.” Chaney appreciated their feedback and thought it was productive.

I can’t help but wonder if, say, Aaron Murray or Todd Gurley ever marched into Mike Bobo’s office with a message of “you’re doing too much, give (us) the ball.”  Eh, if they ever tried, they probably got distracted by Bobo’s box of crayons before they got too far.


UPDATE:  More here on the meeting.

One thing I can say about Jim Chaney is that he sure is a modest son of a gun.



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  1. DawgPhan

    I can’t really get worked up about this. You would think that this would be rather common and not really noteworthy. Shouldnt these coaches, especially first year at a school coaches, be having weekly small one on one type meetings with their best players anyway.

    It seems more baffling that these types of discussions dont happen on a consistent basis.


    • Macallanlover

      Agree, regardless of who initiated that specific conversation, it shouldn’t take an isolated meeting to have this discussion, what we are doing offensively should be ongoing dialogue between coaches and players, one that changes not only week to week, but as we adjust to game situations.


  2. I sure did miss “has a crayons'” coloring book this past season.


  3. Jared S.

    Runn the damn ball, Chaney! (and not with iMac)


  4. Go Dawgs!

    I don’t think Gurley or Murray would have had to walk into Bobo’s office to demand the ball. Chubb and Michel wouldn’t have had to either. Bobo knew how to utilize talent.


  5. Bulldog Joe

    Nick and Sony are competitors and were frustrated.

    After losing the second quarter lead against Florida, Nick got the ball twice and Sony only once.

    After losing the lead against Vanderbilt, Sony got the ball once and Nick did not get the ball at all.

    To be fair to Chaney’s play-calling, both defensive fronts were dominating us along the the line, and therein was the root of the problem.


  6. Grown Man Football

    Bobo understood the SEC has always been a running conference first.

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  7. Mayor

    Chaney should be modest–he has a lot to be modest about.