“You mean compete for a junior varsity championship?”

I wonder if the people advocating the creation of a playoff specifically for the Group of 5 schools understand the ramifications of that move, because it seems to me that about five minutes after the announcement of its creation, you’d see the P5 conferences split off the division in a state of total glee.  Although I’m sure they’d wish the small fry the best of luck in their new venture as they closed the door behind them.

There is wisdom in the saying that half a loaf is better than none.  Even if the reality is more like a tenth of a loaf, it’s still a pretty big slice of bread compared to what they’d be baking on their own.



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    Reminds me of the 7A classification that was created in Georgia High School. The more National (State) Champions you have the more money is there to throw around. As long as I can watch 3 (meaningless) games a day from Christmas till New Year I don’t care either way. There sure have been some great games that don’t count.


  2. CB

    Uh, why are they just now thinking of this? Sounds like a good idea to me, but the G5 has more of a shot to get now than they did when there were only two teams selected. My guess is there would have been more overall support for this idea from G5 administrators during the BCS era. I really believe Houston would have been the 4th team this year if they had taken care of business in conference since they had huge non con wins over Oklahoma and Louisville.


  3. I believe they already have a classification for that playoff called “Football Championship Subdivision,” or better known as Division I-A.


    • That was cold, BD. Deserved, but cold.


      • ToccoaDog

        When GaSouthern was debating whether or not to move up, I told my Eagle friends that they were getting excited about a move that would accomplish nothing in the long run except raise the amount of money they spend. My prediction was that you would end up with 4 16 team conferences, and all those that were not in one of the conferences would effectively be 1-AA all over again. SEC, ACC, Big10, and PAC12 and then everybody else.



    I know some fans of Georgia Southern who lament their move up….their upper limit is now a Bowl in Mobile…I see this as a good thing myself.


  5. So, if this were to happen, would Notre Dame have to join a conference?