This is why he’s called Dabo.

Coach Swinney has always subscribed to the “I got mine, don’t worry about his” school of thought when it comes to player compensation, so him coming out forcefully against players sitting out bowl games to prepare for the NFL draft is no real surprise, but you gotta love the logic to his thought process.  Or, to be more precise, the lack of logic:

Dabo Swinney comes out strong on players sitting out of bowls, saying those players might as well skip their entire final season. “You can get hurt in any game and every game is huge…”  [Emphasis added.]

Dude, guys like Fournette and McCaffrey are skipping their senior seasons.  That’s the whole point.  Does that mean you actually approve?


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  1. CB

    Dabo might be the most intelligent idiot on earth.


  2. Clemson fans should be glad that Dabo is a good recruiter and that the IPTAY crowd is back in business because he isn’t very smart.

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  3. HVL Dawg

    Why just the bowl game? I mean, once you are out of the playoff they are all just exhibitions.

    How are you gonna feel next year when Chubb and Michele decide to skip the last 4 games to get ready for the NFL?


  4. 69Dawg

    It’s only going to get worst. The bowl games are just for ESPN now and they had better figure out a way to give the players more than just a gift card for playing in them. I’m old enough to remember St. Vince double crossing the 1967/8 team. They voted for the Orange Bowl but Vince took the Sugar Bowl and we got our butts whipped by Arkansas, because the players didn’t GAS and partied till dawn in the French Quarter. I was there to see both the partying and the game. Ugly.


  5. JCDAWG83

    I guess Dabo would have been fine with Watson skipping this season?


  6. JAC

    I get his point and your too. But I guess the football/attorney blogger has more clarity than a head coach who has taken his team to the playoffs two consecutive years.


    • Gaskilldawg

      I don’t know about whether Dabo or the Senator “has more clarity” but I do know which of the two is far more articulate.


  7. Bulldog Joe

    Dabo was smart enough to take a pay cut to hire and keep Brent Venables.


    • JCDAWG83

      He was also smart enough to have an agent that negotiated a doubling of his salary after almost winning it all. Paying Dabo $5 million a year may not look like such a great deal after Watson leaves. Clemson could easily become Auburn after Cam but with a better record because they play in the ACC.


  8. Irwin R. Fletcher

    Somewhere an attorney is working on language that requires an athlete to payback a university for a scholarship if they voluntarily skip the last game …


  9. Hobnail_Boot

    He said “final season”, not “senior season”.



    Dabo does say “final” season which actually in this case is the “junior” year but when you are making a point don’t let a little fact get in the way. And he has been in the Playoffs 2 years in a row. I think I could stand some of that kind of “idiocy” in Athens.


    • Dabo does say “final” season which actually in this case is the “junior” year…

      I’m not the mind reader you appear to be, so I defer to your fact finding. But to accept your interpretation means that these kids all know for certain they’re leaving for the pros before their third seasons even start.


      • Hodgie

        At the risk of sounding like a dick, mccaffery and fournette did know they were leaving early. That’s who we’re really talking about, right?


      • SWGADAWG

        I think many do. Was there ever any doubt with Fournette? I know it’s old fashioned but my upbringing says you finish what you start not because of what it will get you but because of who you are. I know it’s not the way many think and on several occasions it’s been rather difficult to finish what I’ve started. But I do think it’s a character trait that is favorable. I know about the money. I understand the thinking. I’ve had several friends bail on me over money when it got tight in a “business opportunity”. I see football as an extension of real life, maybe a revealer of character. I certainly don’t expect everyone to feel as I do. As far as Dabo, whether I like him or not he has taken a program that we consider inferior to the Playoff 2 years running. Gotta give him his props. He’s not the idiot we portray him as.


        • JAX

          Small men refuse to give credit when its due and will cling to baseless criticisms despite obvious evidence otherwise.

          Like liberals crying over the massive Trump win.

          Like bloggers without a life criticizing Dabo over an innocuous comment.


  11. Russ

    Any game day thread?


  12. JAX

    Watching the game and Dabo’s record was just displayed and despite the attorney/blogger’s opinion, the man has been a very successful coach. How the attorney/blogger can use his ultimited intellect to criticize such an unsuccessful knuckle dragger really is spot on.

    Meanwhile, Dumb Dabo just went up 17-0 on the genius Meyer.


  13. Russ

    So, will Corch fake another heart attack?


  14. TN Dawg

    NFL D-League can’t get here fast enough.


  15. Scorpio Jones, III

    Here’s an assessment of the situation by a Georgia graduate who has elected to try to balance the hordes coming across our southern border by moving, most of the time, to a small town in Mexico. If yo champagne cocktail is leaving you a tad fuzzy, this may open your mind a bit.

    Take it away Bubba…..

    So here’s the deal. You think you’re better than anyone else, sort of in the Penn State neighborhood, and, having a successful coach who was a cheat and got fired, you decide you needed to up your game because there is a new kid on the block. You know, that Saban bast… Well, we’re above that. Not like some state college from one of those places where we visit only out of anthropological necessity to see what would have happened if we hadn’t evolved.
    Things go pretty good. Really good if there wasn’t some backwoods state university that seems to win over and over and over. But everybody still talks about you like you are, you know, like 1-A. Rankles.
    So, you go out and hire a guy everyone knows is a scumbag. He ran the Florida program into the ground, had chest pains, and walked away, leaving a dumpster fire. There were all kinds of questions about him looking the other way if your player was a star or being dirty on the recruiting (Everybody does it!) trail. But he had to spend more time with his kids or get a pig valve or go through sexual assignment surgery or something. So he walked away and, considering he is in church ever Sunday, that was okay.
    Who knew he was looking even then to follow Sweater Vest Man? Well, we pretty much all did.
    (Can’t image he was concerned, do you? You have to remember tOSU is in…wait for it…OHIO! Not exactly the bastion of forward thinking. Not exactly worldly. Certainly not cool. But also remember this is a guy who was culturally challenged at Bowling Green State and when, as a coach, you get a chance to go to a one-team conference and that team is your team, you don’t say no.)
    And Urban starts selling his snake oil in the upper Midwest. Wins something. Still carries that God-awful, I-just-nailed-you-with-it-even though-I’m-the-guy-that-cut-the-fart smirk.
    The upper Midwest digs the sell. They suddenly think the stigmata the tight-ass guy in the sweater vest left on the program will be expunged by bringing in someone who dresses no better but at least has an ass loose enough to find a way to insert self-righteousness and delusion at the same time. (The clock is running on when the NC-2-A will find something. Saban? Dammit, he DOESN”T HAVE to cheat! Cocksucker!)
    Still Alabama keeps winning! Dammit!
    But now you are coming back. Hell, you weren’t even supposed to be here. You couldn’t even win your conference and you’re in a “rebuilding” year. But you know you’re the best. Best conference. Best program. Best coach. Best clean program. Best ‘Have you ever seen someone run out on the field at half time and, when the band makes out the state in letters, squats right down above the “i.” Cool.’
    You’re almost Saban. tOSU is almost Alabama. You’re colors are almost as classic and wonderful as…Ah, never mind. (And I still resent them putting the players names on the back of the ‘Bama jerseys and for two reasons: 1) I do this to honor Jack Wilkinson. 2) If you don’t know the players by their numbers and not their names you ain’t a real fan to begin with.
    Well, once again you…Almost. Hold on to 2012.
    But then you go and get shut-out and embarrassed (Where was Michigan? Penn State? Someone from the Big Whatever that could put up a fight?) and….



  16. Parent

    Not that anyone probably cares, but he is actually called Dabo because his brother, as a toddler, tried to call him “that boy” when Dabo was a baby, and it came out Da – bo. It stuck, and here we are today.
    He may not be an incredibly articulate guy, but he isn’t dumb by any stretch, and he knows how to spot talent and delegate without letting his own ego get in the way. Sometimes, that’s better than being the smartest guy in the room.