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I got ‘yer meaningless right here.

The best college football Tweet of 2016 may very well have come at almost the last possible minute.

The wussification of ‘Murica continues.



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The sweetest salty tears you’ll ever taste.

Damn, this just breaks my widdle heart.

“Ohio State is not used to this. I’m not used to this, and we will not get used to this,” Meyer said after the game.

Corch ought to be a real blast at his next few pressers.  I’m looking forward to it.

I’m also betting there are a couple of assistant coaching positions on suddenly shaky ground this morning.

From 2012-14, Ohio State’s three seasons with coordinator Tom Herman, the Buckeyes averaged under five yards per play in just three of 41 games. Since Herman left, they have done it six times in 26 games.

Yeah, that’s not a good look.


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If you can’t hype the season…

… hype the new building.

I know the naming rights are going to the highest bidder, but to me, it’ll always be the Jeremy Pruitt Memorial Indoor Practice Facility.  (Just so you know, JPMIPF™ for short…)


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“We did some dumb stuff.”

I confess that I didn’t watch the TaxSlayer Bowl because I had to wash my hair, but it sounds like Stoops and Johnson did their damnedest to give people a reason to tune in besides watching two mediocre teams play.

Little Game Mike probably gave the Kentucky faithful reason to wonder what the big deal is about bowl eligibility as his team turned in a fairly lackluster performance on the field.  But he did get some yelling in while he was there.

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said he yelled at the Georgia Tech bench in the first quarter of the TaxSlayer Bowl because someone on the Tech side had said something to him during the game.

“I was upset with somebody saying something to me,” Stoops said. “I have great respect for coach (Paul) Johnson, but nobody else over there is going to say a word to me.”

Stoops was seen shouting at the Tech sideline early in the game as he went on the field to check on an injured Kentucky defensive player. It was widely presumed that Stoops was angry for Tech’s use of cut blocks on Wildcats defensive players, but Stoops clarified that that wasn’t the problem.

Asked to elaborate on what specifically had happened, Stoops declined.

“I will say this,” he said. “I care about my players, and I’m going to check on them. I didn’t accuse anybody of doing anything illegal. I have great respect for coach Johnson.”

While cryptic, Stoops’ comments suggest that perhaps someone on the Tech bench may have issue with Stoops being on the field after the injury.

Welcome to the wonderful world of cut blocking.  Like you didn’t know it was coming, right?

You would think a simple “stay classy, Tech” would have sufficed. but what do I know?

Meanwhile, the genius’ troops contributed to the general merriment by getting called for three unsportsmanlike conduct penalties and scuffling throughout the game.  Evidently, that’s what men do.

“We’re 21-, 22-year-old men,” defensive tackle Patrick Gamble said. “You get to pushing and shoving. There’s always going to be some talking.”

Tech’s gonna Tech, in other words.  In that sense, it’s been a great year on the Flats.  I think Paul Johnson deserves a contract extension.


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Nice playoff system you got there, college football. Be a shame if anything were to happen to it.

Hey, y’all know what happened after the last time Alabama played in a title game when they used the “R” word.

It’s not just that we’ll be seeing last year’s national title game participants face off again.  It’s that the semis were totally lopsided affairs that basically served as evidence that they could have skipped the preliminaries altogether and gone straight to the main course.

Alabama was Alabama, the five-star python that let its opponent have an early chance to breath — Saban’s gotta have something to get his blood pressure up — only to spend the rest of the game slowly squeezing the life out of its prey.

Clemson’s win may have been even more impressive.  Shutting Urban Meyer out for the first time in his career was a big deal, one that will be forever in Corch’s mind.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a coaching staff use the month off to prepare better for an opponent than Dabo’s crew did last night.  (Technically, Ohio State had one more week to get ready than Clemson did, since the Buckeyes skipped the championship game route.)

In the end, both teams showed they’re college football’s 2016 cream of the crop. They should be playing for all the marbles.

All that being said, it’s still Alabama vs. Clemson.  Again.  If you think that’s kind of boring — and if you’re the kind of casual viewer that ESPN and its clients are trying to reel in with the CFP, you probably do — don’t worry.  The folks running college football are sensitive to rematch issues.  Stay away from the TV for a few days and you’ll get their knees jerking eventually.  Hopefully, the rest of us will get to enjoy a great national championship game.



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Happy New (Throwaway) Year!

Too soon?

Eh, let’s take a cue from Southside Johnny and hope it turns out to be an irrelevant sentiment.


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