If you can’t hype the season…

… hype the new building.

I know the naming rights are going to the highest bidder, but to me, it’ll always be the Jeremy Pruitt Memorial Indoor Practice Facility.  (Just so you know, JPMIPF™ for short…)



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10 responses to “If you can’t hype the season…

  1. Pantslesspatdye

    I love it, senator.happy new year.and best wishes to this blog!


  2. Bulldog Joe

    Great to see it finally happen.

    Until we sell naming rights, it’s the South Campus In Door Multipurpose Athletic Recreational Center.

    Next to the Butts-Mehre.

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  3. lakedawg

    Surely McGoofy gets his name on some part since he has pushed so hard for it the last ten years😇


  4. Mdcgtp

    You know Pruitt is still alive don’t you?


  5. Spike

    The Spike Undistinguished Alumni Hall..


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