The sweetest salty tears you’ll ever taste.

Damn, this just breaks my widdle heart.

“Ohio State is not used to this. I’m not used to this, and we will not get used to this,” Meyer said after the game.

Corch ought to be a real blast at his next few pressers.  I’m looking forward to it.

I’m also betting there are a couple of assistant coaching positions on suddenly shaky ground this morning.

From 2012-14, Ohio State’s three seasons with coordinator Tom Herman, the Buckeyes averaged under five yards per play in just three of 41 games. Since Herman left, they have done it six times in 26 games.

Yeah, that’s not a good look.


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26 responses to “The sweetest salty tears you’ll ever taste.

  1. Never gets old. What’s the over/under on his next breakdown?


  2. Derek

    Given this it’s hard to argue that Urban had anything but a successful season in 2016. I’d like to qualify for a 4 team playoff with 6 returning starters. Also, there’s a reason Lester is out of work.

    Phil Steele Blog • February 16, 2016

    Returning starters 2016:
    Team Total Offense Defense
    T1. Kent State Golden Flashes 18 10* 8
    T1. LSU Tigers 18 9* 9
    T1. Louisville Cardinals 18 10* 8
    T1. Wyoming Cowboys 18 9 9
    T5. Charlotte 49ers 17 9* 8
    T5. Colorado Buffaloes 17 8* 9
    T5. Florida State Seminoles 17 11* 6
    T113. Texas San Antonio Roadrunners 10 5*
    128. Ohio State Buckeyes 6 3* 3


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    I already like 2017.


  4. sectionzalum

    that was a delightful, COLOSSAL beatdown.


    • dawgtired

      Oh, I enjoyed so much. I was so fearful they would score late…I really wanted the shut-out. Couldn’t have happened to a better guy.


  5. 69Dawg

    OSU’s showing made the Selection Committee look like the political bunch they are. Ohio was there because of ESPN. More eyes = more money.


  6. Bulldog Joe

    “Corch, line one.”

    “It’s Tim Tebow, motivational speaker.”


    • Chi-town Dawg

      LMAO, was just about to say the same thing Joe! All that’s missing now is a star player breaking down in tears after the loss and promising it will never happen again;-)

      Seriously, they did have a very inexperienced team and he got the most out of them during the regular season. I suspect they’ll be a very good team next year if they can find a decent starting QB.


  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    Corch’s General Patton act lasted 2 years at Bowling Green, 2 at Utah, and 6 at Florida. He’s in his 5th at Ohio State. Self centered pricks usually self limit.


  8. Uglydawg

    Anyone else notice that Herbie looked shell-shocked when he came on just before the second half to give his spiel? When-oh-when will the committee quit listening to these guys? Corso picked the Huskies. These goofballs only predict what their emotions hope will happen. In college football, it’s all about the South, Y’all.


  9. Doggoned

    This delightful beat down just goes to show how subjective the playoff selection process still is. Hell, if Alabama had stumbled late in the season, OSU might’ve gone in as the number one seed. Didn’t win their division, didn’t win their conference, but they’re still a higher seed than those who did. They also get the best ball spots in college football, even when the replay shows otherwise. Not sure what’s going on with that, but it’s a little scary.


  10. Spike

    I guess Corch was right when he opined a while back that if you don’t win your conference championship you should not be in the big game..


  11. He’s not used to it, but the real question is, is it a big deal?


  12. Uglydawg

    “Ohio State is not used to this” ? LMAO..look up their record against SEC or even just Southern teams.


  13. Macallanlover

    Get on the phone Corch, you need a new QB developed. Ever heard of the guy who birthed Drew Brees? He shapes the offense to the personnel you have and takes what the defense gives him and runs them over. Hurry before McDumbass gives an extension!


  14. Did my heart good after seeing UW lose. Ole Herbie deserved every bit to watch that beat down. Go Clemson.
    Oh yeah, Herbie, you said Michigan should have been in. How did that game go?


  15. Paul

    Funny how the only team that didn’t win its conference championship, much less play for it, looked like the only team that didn’t belong. Got blown out in fact. No worries. The top NCAAF story on ESPN explains the Buckeyes did indeed earn their way in. They’re just a year away. Glad we cleared that up.


  16. 92 grad

    What’s scary to me is that if Georgia ever gets to the sec championship and wins it? It will be the first time the sec is left out of the playoff because the sec will be down that year and they’ll send up two acc teams instead. Georgia is going to have to win the sec twice before the powers that be will buy in.


  17. Scorpio Jones, III

    I gonna re-post this missive in this more appropriate venue, forgive me if I done broke a rule, there…

    Here’s an assessment of the situation by a Georgia graduate who has elected to try to balance the hordes coming across our southern border by moving, most of the time, to a small town in Mexico. If yo champagne cocktail is leaving you a tad fuzzy, this may open your mind a bit.

    Take it away Bubba…..

    So here’s the deal. You think you’re better than anyone else, sort of in the Penn State neighborhood, and, having a successful coach who was a cheat and got fired, you decide you needed to up your game because there is a new kid on the block. You know, that Saban bast… Well, we’re above that. Not like some state college from one of those places where we visit only out of anthropological necessity to see what would have happened if we hadn’t evolved.
    Things go pretty good. Really good if there wasn’t some backwoods state university that seems to win over and over and over. But everybody still talks about you like you are, you know, like 1-A. Rankles.
    So, you go out and hire a guy everyone knows is a scumbag. He ran the Florida program into the ground, had chest pains, and walked away, leaving a dumpster fire. There were all kinds of questions about him looking the other way if your player was a star or being dirty on the recruiting (Everybody does it!) trail. But he had to spend more time with his kids or get a pig valve or go through sexual assignment surgery or something. So he walked away and, considering he is in church ever Sunday, that was okay.
    Who knew he was looking even then to follow Sweater Vest Man? Well, we pretty much all did.
    (Can’t image he was concerned, do you? You have to remember tOSU is in…wait for it…OHIO! Not exactly the bastion of forward thinking. Not exactly worldly. Certainly not cool. But also remember this is a guy who was culturally challenged at Bowling Green State and when, as a coach, you get a chance to go to a one-team conference and that team is your team, you don’t say no.)
    And Urban starts selling his snake oil in the upper Midwest. Wins something. Still carries that God-awful, I-just-nailed-you-with-it-even though-I’m-the-guy-that-cut-the-fart smirk.
    The upper Midwest digs the sell. They suddenly think the stigmata the tight-ass guy in the sweater vest left on the program will be expunged by bringing in someone who dresses no better but at least has an ass loose enough to find a way to insert self-righteousness and delusion at the same time. (The clock is running on when the NC-2-A will find something. Saban? Dammit, he DOESN”T HAVE to cheat! Cocksucker!)
    Still Alabama keeps winning! Dammit!
    But now you are coming back. Hell, you weren’t even supposed to be here. You couldn’t even win your conference and you’re in a “rebuilding” year. But you know you’re the best. Best conference. Best program. Best coach. Best clean program. Best ‘Have you ever seen someone run out on the field at half time and, when the band makes out the state in letters, squats right down above the “i.” Cool.’
    You’re almost Saban. tOSU is almost Alabama. You’re colors are almost as classic and wonderful as…Ah, never mind. (And I still resent them putting the players names on the back of the ‘Bama jerseys and for two reasons: 1) I do this to honor Jack Wilkinson. 2) If you don’t know the players by their numbers and not their names you ain’t a real fan to begin with.
    Well, once again you…Almost. Hold on to 2012.
    But then you go and get shut-out and embarrassed (Where was Michigan? Penn State? Someone from the Big Whatever that could put up a fight?) and….



  18. Uglydawg

    Holy Mackerel, Scorp! Corch hooked, landed, filleted and fried!


    • Uglydawg

      At halftime of the Clemson game he should have gone onto the field and dotted the eye, not squatting, but laying face down and spread eagle.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      I don’t think Bubba will be asked to ghost-write any of Dickhead’s books.