Always be creating.

If you don’t read anything else in preparation for the national title game, read this brilliant Chris Brown post about the latest wrinkle to come out of football’s strategic petri dish, what he calls the “toss read”.

And when I say the latest, I’m not exaggerating.

The latest evolution in the Inverted Veer/Power Read is a very 2016 story. The first coach I’d ever heard of running this play I only know of as “coachfloyd” on the CoachHuey football coaching message boards, and the first couple of times I read his text-only descriptions of his team’s new spin on the Inverted Veer I honestly couldn’t visualize what he was describing. (A pitch? What’s the technique? How does the read work?) And yet within a few weeks various high school teams had already installed the play — seemingly on the basis of these message board posts and word of mouth — and within a year a variety of big time college programs were each using it, including both Alabama and Clemson.
If they were still using pen and paper to draw this kind of stuff up, the ink wouldn’t even be dry yet on this baby.


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3 responses to “Always be creating.

  1. AusDawg85

    Great read, great stuff. Don’t see that in our playbook other than maybe a short yardage play gambit where we see if Eason fakes the toss to Chubb/Michael and finds a gap under the DE to dive forward for a couple of yards. Isn’t this essentially what the Wilddawg looks like, though?


  2. Scott

    Chris Brown is a damn national treasure, and I wish he was writing as often as he used to.


  3. Snoop Dawgy Dawg

    man, those high school coaches come up with some cool stuff. great read