Lane Kiffin, national treasure

As a college football blogger, I’m gonna enjoy the ride as long as it runs.

What’s the over/under on Junior’s FAU stint, three years?


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30 responses to “Lane Kiffin, national treasure

  1. Spike

    I’ll take the under.


  2. Boz

    Only way that story could get better is for Sark to show up on a 3 day bender with Kid Rock, Johnny Manziel, and a couple of hookers.


  3. sniffer

    You’re leaving money on the table. I’ll lay two years and as a tie breaker, he leaves on his own, not fired.

    Side bet: he misses the team bus at the Bahamas Bowl and is never heard from again.


  4. I’m more interested in how completely pathetic, anemic and predictable Bama’s offense will become without a modicum of Kiffin’s creativity. I’m not saying the Laner ain’t a lose cannon that does appear to have significant maturity issues but a multi-million dollar organization should be set up encourage and insulate creative people . Again I don’t want him being the face of our program but damned if there were times during the Vandy game when I would not have rather had the Laner calling plays rather than Jabba the Punt. I’m just sayin.


  5. ASEF

    I think Lane is swirling towards the drain. Divorced, shunned by the Houstons and USFs of the world, and now cast out from Bama. And frankly, as much as Jr. created points against Clemson last year, the offense has looked rather mismanaged down the stretch this year.

    He’s at a breaking point.


    • Normaltown Mike

      are you kidding?

      Lane in South Beach it’s gonna be a non-stop Player’s Ball


    • 3rdandGrantham

      I agree — certainly doesn’t seem like the same guy I met (albeit briefly) during his USC days. Mind you, he’s always been immature, but the fact that he’s acting more immature as he ages is a huge red flag.

      Now it seems all he wants to talk about is fishing, pools, houses with lots of light, Luther Campbell lyrics, along with making lame jokes about his ex/taxes. That’s not a mature 40 something; that’s a washed up frat guy in his 20’s with a narcissistic bent.


  6. Let’s see, Chaney gets another year, two at the most. I’ll take the under then as we should have an opening for Kiffen.


  7. gastr1

    I can’t wrap my head around him ever getting hired there in the first place, even still. Someone did that by choice? It’s sort of like Steinbrenner re-hiring Billy Martin all those times, isn’t it?


  8. Based on all of the off the field rumors, it was hard to ever really pull for Kiffin. I know that sounds extremely judgmental, especially when I’m that great of a human myself.

    However, most of us love a comeback story and strictly related to on the field, Kiffin was a huge success. He had a HUGE part in three SEC titles. That’s huge. And along the way he saved our bacon several times by doing his part in shoot-outs.

    If you recall back to the last OC, Doug Nussmeier, he tended to go into a shell in the heat of battle. We Saban screamed at him on the sidelines, he couldn’t or wouldn’t deal with it. I believe the one thing in particular that made Kiffin a success at Bama was his ability to withstand these firestorms on the sidelines and still call the game he wanted to call. He didn’t necessarily call perfect games, but I think he tended to call the game he set out to call on Tuesday and Wednesdays.

    I think his lack of maturity (obviously) showed in how he handled the last several weeks. And I think that points out an obvious difference from Kirby Smart.

    What kind of effect will this have on the title game? Dunno, but I doubt it’s good. It’s a huge distraction and not the kind of thing that ever, ever helps. But we had our hands full anyways. Clemson is a great team, loaded with talent and they have the revenge factor. And if we were waiting on Kiffin to teach Hurts how to pass over the middle during this week…then shame on us anyways. 🙂

    Have a good day,



    • David K

      How was he so immature the past few weeks other than the joking comment about getting screamed at by Saban? I’m guessing he’s been burning the candle at both ends trying to do two jobs and it showed. Probably walked in late to a few meetings because he was on the phone dealing with the FAU job and Saban told him get lost. If Sark wasn’t there, Saban would’ve probably kept him around after giving another ass chewing.


      • Sh3rl0ck

        That is the problem with confirmation bias. Lane has acted in an immature manner in the past. When you already believe that he is an immature jerk, every little action looks exactly like him being an immature jerk and builds up what appears to be a mountain of evidence that his is getting worse. If you are not inclined to think of him as an immature jerk, everything looks coincidental.

        I don’t know how much of an immature jerk he actually is, but by confirmation bias says the future will be full of lulz.


    • Dolly Llama

      These “off-the-field rumors.” Can you elaborate?


    • sniffer

      Have you heard about the stalker girl showing up at the MMoore Athletic Facility? Uninvited and unwanted, looking for Jr.?


    • AthensHomerDawg

      If Bama’s O stumbles how much blame will be tossed at the Laner?


      • It obviously doesn’t help from a consistency standpoint…but for us to win, Hurts has to throw the ball better and we have to be able to run the ball.

        Unless it’s a beat down, I don’t see myself blaming him too much.


        • ASEF

          I actually think it helps.

          Example: Cardale Jones.

          Cardale’s ascension forced OSU to get away FROM what it wanted to do TO what it did best – give the ball to Zeke more (a tendency Urban had not shown prior or since, combined with a superb line and generational talent at RB). National Title.

          It was my impression that Lane’s play calling had crossed a line from what Alabama does best to what Lane wanted to show off.


  9. Bright Idea

    Now Kiffin says he might be in the booth if it is OK but Saban says it ain’t OK.


  10. Cojones

    Soloman wrote as if he had a personal vendetta. I begin to short his comments and focus on his unproven statements plus his take on Kiffin’s meanings. Kiffin was serving two masters because Saban wanted him to (evidence Kirby Smart) and not because he has his heart into it. This is all gossip[ over the fence about someone who can’t fully defend himself. Has he done immature things,… well, yeah …we all have and we continue – you just don’t know what people will select as “immature” when using his words against him in the most recent round with ‘Bama and Soloman tries to make a case by parsing Kiffin’s words in order to maim him heading into a new job.

    I’ve poked a few words Kiffin’s way the same as most of us have since he beat us when he was the Tenn coach. He doesn’t deserve these particularly cowardly words after coaching an NC Offense and headed for a college HC job. No one does.


    • Raleighwood Dawg

      I agree with you. I’d think that, at best, it would be a crap shoot to guess whether your lame duck coach is gonna devote the amount of time that you expect him to. Hell, he’s taking a head coaching job and you know that he’s gotta get going on hiring his staff, trying to recruit, logistics of moving to Boca, etc. All people are not wired the same and I can’t imagine that Saban expected the same level of attention to detail as was (from all appearances) provided by Kirby.

      Like others have said, I’m surprised the Saban/Kiffin honeymoon lasted as long as it has. I’m not saying that I think Kiffin should have been let go sooner … just that it appears to me that Saban may have taken Lane on as a challenge to himself (read: “If anyone can fix him, I sure as hell can, aiight?”). I get that maybe Saban’s patience ran out over the past week or so, but I’m not sure that he made the right decision by sending Lane on his way at this time.


  11. I wonder how long the Saban/Sark honeymoon will last. Kiffin lasted much longer than most thought.