USA Today has Alabama on its mind.

I’ve never been the kind of person who cared about how many angels could dance on the head of a pin, so can somebody explain to me why I should care about this one way or the other, or what I could possibly do for this to matter to me?

Nothing lasts forever, peeps.  Not even the Sabanator.



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30 responses to “USA Today has Alabama on its mind.

  1. Biggus Rickus

    I find it’s better to ignore any article or television segment that asks, “Is X good for [sport/league]?” Actually, you should probably just ignore television segments altogether.


  2. Bill

    You don’t care but they certainly thank you for the clicks you’re generating.


  3. Greg

    Beginning to think the Dawgs are better off with a Bama win (recruiting wise. It is bad enough Bama is in it just about every year, now we have Clemson (2 years running) to contend with……both states bordering GA. I would hate to see Clemson pick up some recruiting momentum in the years to come with a MNC. Thinks I will just pull for a Bama loss rather than a Clemson win … : > )


    • rchris

      I too would rather see ‘Bama take it. Even though they are the team we eventually have to topple to win the SEC, Clemson is a more immediate threat in recruiting. The number of top recruits they’ve taken out of the state of Georgia in recent years is staggering (and is continuing with Trevor Lawrence in 2018). ‘Bama also recruits Georgia, but they tend to recruit better nationally and so have less need of Georgia recruits. Also, Saban is 65 and hopefully won’t coach forever.


    • Dawg1

      Right, and NO one leverages success like Clemson. Their ’81 MNC was a recruiting thorn in our side until at least 2002/2003 when CMR put that daggar in them.


  4. Walt

    It will be a cold day in hell when a lot of South Carolina fans root for Clemson. Same for a lot of Georgia fans as well.


    • sUGArdaddy

      I was in the both stadiums to see David Treadwell eek it over the cross bar two straight years…and I concur.


  5. CB

    I would have preferred Washington or OSU to win it all, but I would never pull for Dabo unless he was playing against Tech or Florida in the title game. In that case I probably just wouldn’t watch at all. RTR


  6. Grathams replacement

    I wish they would tie. Saban is going to leave Bama and their going to hire a coach named “Mike”.



    I think our recruiting is going to be fine. Wouldn’t mind seeing Bama take a loss…but in reality, it doesn’t matter who someone “pulls” for.

    Would be funny to me to see the Kiffin “thing” backfire on Saban. They have only won 26 games in a row with him calling plays.


  8. dawgtired

    “Would be funny to me to see the Kiffin “thing” backfire on Saban”

    …thought the same thing. I picture Kiffin in the stands amongst Clemson fans, cheering on the Clemson D.


    • Sherlock

      It is a shame that Dabo isn’t cold-blooded enough to hire Kiffin as a consultant for the week.


      • Macallanlover

        Dang, now that would be entertaining on the Bama boards for the entire off season. Dabo too good of a guy but it would be funny if Junior was strolling the sidelines in a purple hat(would never subject anyone to wearing something orange.)


  9. sUGArdaddy

    I remember thinking SC would win the Pac-10 forever in the mid 2000s. They seemed unbeatable, then Vince Young put a chink in the armor, and they started losing a game here and there, Carroll left and they’re just now recovering after several years of below mediocrity.

    Father Time catches everyone. Saban is 65. It caught Bobby. It caught Steve. It catches all of us.


  10. Strong Bama means Weak Auburn. It’s a zero sum game across the Chattahoochee and we play only one of those teams every year.

    That said, we’re in a precarious situation with Alabama and Clemson recruiting wise. This match-up does us no favors, no sir-ee.

    I, for my part, could not care less about the SEC save for how it helps or hurts UGA. Those other 13 teams can talk long walks off short piers, etc, etc. Especially Florida and Tennessee and Auburn. The worst.


    • Comin' Down The Track

      Dood, I’m the same. Every other SEC team could go 0-13 forever and it still wouldn’t be enough losing for my tastes. Hate them all. Go Dawgs.


    • I used to have some degree of conference loyalty (other than UF, of course) especially during bowl season, but since 2010, I couldn’t care less what the conference does in bowl games or the playoff. LSU is about the only other program now that I have even a remote interest in following.


      • Macallanlover

        I once liked all SEC teams to win now Florida is on the hate list, Auburn joined them in 2010 when the whole country realized what scum they were. I have since added TN and Ole Miss to the list (UM may fall off when Freeze leaves and they become “decent” again.) The rest I am OK with, especially LSU, A&M, and KY.


      • Mayor

        I want all Georgia’s rivals to lose. The Bama -Clemson tiff is hard to figure which team losing is better for Georgia but on probably it is better for the Dawgs if Bama wins and embarrasses Clemson in so doing.


    • PTC DAWG

      Well said…may they all suck.


  11. JCDAWG83

    Bama drubbing the rock petters is the best outcome for Georgia.


  12. I’ve never really understood the whole root for the SEC thing.

    For me, I pull for Bama first, whoever is playing Auburn second and after that it’s just for fun.

    I have several buddies that are Auburn fans and we just make it clear up front: we want each other’s teams to lose. End of story. In fact, how can you really even trust someone that says they are an Auburn fan, but wants Bama to win? Makes no sense.

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