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Then there are those days when I’m glad to be a blogger.

Reportedly, Hugh Freeze is contemplating adding Trooper Taylor to his staff.

Junior running a football program again and Trooper’s towel back in the SEC? My cup runneth over.



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You can never have enough walk-ons.

In light of current developments, you can read into this what you like.

It appears Georgia will have another option to kick, punt or just kick off this season.

Cameron Nizalek, who has kicked the past three years at Columbia in the Ivy League, said on his Twitter account that he will be a graduate transfer at Georgia this season. He will have a year of eligibility, and will be a walk-on.

Nizalek is expected to provide depth for the Bulldogs at all the kicking spots. A native of Chantilly, Va., he was mainly a punter at Columbia, though he also dabbled in field goals and kicking off. He was All-Ivy League honorable mention as a punter in 2015, his redshirt sophomore year.

Nizalek averaged 44.8 yards on 34 punts this past season, while another kicker punted 42 times, averaging 40.5 yards. Nizalek was not the primary kick-off man or field goal kicker for the Lions: He went 1-for-2 on field goals, and averaged 53.6 yards on five kickoffs.

I’ll simply say, welcome aboard, Cameron.


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No pressure, Kirby.

Don’t know if it will turn out to be an outlier or a presaging of what’s to come, but, fresh from the Sporting News, here’s a way-too-early top 25 projection for the 2017 season:

10. Georgia  

Here’s the team that will be talked about than anybody else in the offseason. Nick Chubb and Sony Michel stayed in school, and Jacob Eason should make the jump as a sophomore. At least that’s what we’re counting on. Kirby Smart should be excited about Year 2. Bulldogs fans will be.

That’s good for second in the conference, behind only (who else?) Alabama.

That throwaway year narrative may get a little harder to sell.  Just sayin’.


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“But I firmly believe we have to shorten games for the good of the game.”

Oh, noes!  College football is about to embroil itself in another existential crisis over game time.

Perhaps it was fitting that the first college football game of 2016, between Cal and Hawaii, lasted almost four hours.

It was a harbinger of the coming season, in which the average game time was the longest in college football history at 3 hours, 24 minutes. That was much too long for a number of people.

“I would like to see shorter games,” Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott said.

Scott is not alone. He is among a number of conference commissioners and head coaches who told ESPN they believe games have become too long.

The biggest challenge, however, is determining how to shorten the games.

Yeah, that’s gonna go well.

If you need a hint on how they’re about to fuck things up yet again, consider that there are more than a thousand written words in that article without a single mention of television commercials.

It’s amazing how much I can simultaneously love college football and despise the assholes running the sport.  Multi-tasking, for the win…


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The great exodus of 2017 continues.

Not that it’s any big surprise, but Kirby Choates announced his departure from the team.

Y’all enjoying the sausage making process yet?


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A dollar here and a dollar there

Penn State’s financial fallout from the Sandusky scandal approaches a quarter-billion dollars.

The NCAA got the biggest chunk of that, but I bet there are days now when Mark Emmert tells himself he could have gotten more.


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Remember, kids, you commit to a school, not a coach — a continuing series

PJ Fleck, one day on the job as Minnesota’s new head coach, flipped six players who had been committed to Western Michigan.

Probably just a coincidence.


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