Then there are those days when I’m glad to be a blogger.

Reportedly, Hugh Freeze is contemplating adding Trooper Taylor to his staff.

Junior running a football program again and Trooper’s towel back in the SEC? My cup runneth over.


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11 responses to “Then there are those days when I’m glad to be a blogger.

  1. Russ

    The blogging equivalent of autopilot?


  2. Spike

    And his shirttail out 24/7…


  3. Well I sure knew what I wanted Trooper to do with that towel when he was waving it around after Fairley’s cheap shots.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      The story broke last week and is slowly gaining steam: Auburn wide receiver’s coach Trooper Taylor and his 9th grade son are suing Auburn City Schools for racial discrimination.

      “The issue at hand is Blaise Taylor’s refusal to trade his cornrows for a style conforming to the rules set for Auburn High School basketball players. Taylor says that removing his braids would keep him from identifying with his role models, to which TWER responds: can’t you just wear your hat backwards and wave a towel?”

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  4. I do like the part about the one coach signing, then going back to Baylor. No wonder the players get the idea that they should be able to move around as they please.


  5. This is basically an admission by Freeze that he can’t recruit without, um, “help”.


  6. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I dunno about that – if Freeze was hoping to show the NCAA that they are on the straight and narrow so as to avoid the harshest penalty this seems like the wrong signal to send.


  7. 81Dog

    Freeze knows those bags of cash ain’t gonna fill themselves and hand themselves out.


  8. 92 grad

    You know when you’re watching a historical drama and the king always has his “fixer”? Yep. Freeze lost his so he needs a new one in his circle of trust.


  9. mg4life0331

    Can you blame Freeze? They had to fire their bag man. Need a new one.


  10. doofusdawg

    And sometimes no comment is necessary.