Take it to the bank.

Bill Hancock speaks such reassuring words about playoff expansion.

Don’t expect the College Football Playoff to expand to six or eight teams anytime soon.

That’s not the sentiment Bill Hancock, executive director of the College Football Playoff, is expressing right now. Hancock addressed reporters at the Tampa Convention Center on Sunday, and playoff expansion was a popular topic. Hancock, however, said that likely won’t happen through the length of the current 12-year contract.

“The only thing that happens after six years is determining whether the Cotton, Fiesta and Peach will remain in the rotation,” Hancock said. “That has nothing to do with the format. The format is in place for the 12 years.”

As for expanding to six or eight teams, Hancock said there has been no movement on that from the management committee.

“I don’t sense any groundswell from our leadership for a change, but it would require starting all over again with a new contract,” Hancock said.

Parse it carefully — “that likely won’t happen” — and it’s not that reassuring.  Starting over again with a new contract isn’t exactly a daunting proposition when you’re on the receiving end of what is likely to be an even bigger money torrent.

In any event, Bill wants you to know their hearts are in the right place.

“The disappointment that team No. 5 feels would be the same disappointment that team No. 9 feels,” Hancock said. “There wouldn’t be any change in that. For me, it’s about the regular season. Our regular season is so compelling, and I don’t think our leadership would do anything to diminish the regular season.”

Perish the thought.  They’ve been such staunch guardians of that of late.  Anybody know what the Big 12’s latest championship set up is this year?

“What would Ohio State and Michigan have meant if there had been an eight-team tournament?” Hancock asked. “Both would’ve have been in. It still would’ve been Ohio State and Michigan with all the tradition, but it wouldn’t have meant the same. It wouldn’t have meant near as much. Our focus on the regular season is unwavering.”

Unwavering, he tells ‘ya!  He’ll be back in a few years to tell you how that eight-team tourney gives college football the opportunity to focus on its regular season with more intensity than ever.  Kinda like more powerful lasers, except nobody risks getting their eyes burned out.

It’s almost amazing to me the media keeps asking him for quotes.


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6 responses to “Take it to the bank.

  1. Macallanlover

    Hancock is a puppet for whomever trots him out’s current opinion. His comments are probably right though, I have so little confidence in the ruling group to step up to the issues, or even understand them. It may not take all 12 years of the contract but given the glacial pace CFB has moved at to get to this point, I expect it to never get done before the game collapses on itself.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    The answer is simple: How much money is enough money?


  3. What ever ESPN likes, ESPN gets. The simple bottom line.


  4. Otto

    If it had been an 8 team tournament, we would likely have 2-3 undeserving Big10 teams rather than just 1.

    Bring back the BCS


  5. CB

    “He’ll be back in a few years to tell you how that eight-team tourney gives college football the opportunity to focus on its regular season with more intensity than ever.”

    Let’s hope so. Then he’ll actually be right about something for the first time in his career.


  6. Ken Dorfman

    I have thought for years that the media and coaches should vote on who the champ is. Too simple. Done.