Auburn delenda est on the recruiting trail?

MaconDawg makes the argument that if recruiting in the state of Georgia is something of a zero sum game, then what’s good for Kirby Smart is bad for Gus Malzahn.

The commonality among those classes? Auburn’s ability to snatch 4-6 blue chip prospects from the state to the east made the difference between a top 10 signing class and one that would have finished outside the national top 20, and near the bottom of the SEC West. And it’s not as if Auburn has been signing the players Georgia passed on. By my count no more than five of the big time recruits listed above did not also have an offer from the Bulldogs. While Auburn’s recruiting “home base” is arguably lower Alabama, Georgia is a close second. When Auburn has recruited well overall, it has recruited Georgia well.

Which is why Gus Malzahn really needs 2017 to be a one-off on the recruiting trail. Auburn has twenty commits for the class of 2017. Only three are from Georgia, none ranked above three stars.

With the possible exception of Crisp County’s Markaviest Bryant (who’s deciding soon from among UGA, Auburn, and LSU), it doesn’t appear that the Tigers are in the running for any blue chip Georgia players. Tray Bishop had been one of the most highly rated players in the 2017 Tiger class, until he flipped his commitment to UGA.

247 currently ranks Auburn’s class a respectable 8th in the nation, including heralded JUCO QB Jarrett Stidham. But that doesnt really tell the full story. Five of the ten teams ranked directly behind the Plainsmen have sixteen or fewer commits. Some will likely add commits and pass them (USC, Penn State, Washington, and obviously Clemson all have significant momentum). In short, Auburn may be about to finish outside the top 10 in recruiting rankings for the first time in a while.

Obviously one year doth not a trend make, but if Rodney Garner, of all people, can’t make hay in Georgia, it’ll be interesting to see what steps, if any, Auburn can take to offset the talent drain from its eastern neighbor.


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10 responses to “Auburn delenda est on the recruiting trail?

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Auburn’s recruiting is down? Excuse me, I’m going to be concerned for the next five seconds.


  2. 81Dog

    More than any other school around us, AU has always had a zero sum game with UGA when it comes to recruiting, going back to the Pat Dye era. Pat was pulling linemen like Tracy Rocker out of the Atlanta area, especially, while ol’ Danny was pulling them out of state at Clemson on the other end of 85.

    Other schools are always trying to nibble, and there are so many prospects in Georgia that they’re always going to get some of them, but AU depends on blue chip Georgia recruits more than any other out of state school, and has for a long time.

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    • Normaltown Mike

      What hurts w/ Allbern is they’ll even go into small towns deep in Bulldog country and pull out amazing players like Ronnie Brown & Takeo Spikes.


  3. rchris

    A Cato the Elder reference? You’re amazing!


  4. rchris

    As for the article, everything it says is true, and it also applies to a lesser extent to Tennessee and South Carolina.


    • Macallanlover

      True, Spurrier’s prime target from the start was to make inroads into Atlanta. TN still needs Georgia players desperately but has really fallen off since the Garner/Fulmer days. TN’s last SEC title was almost 20 years ago, approaching out longest modern day drought.


  5. Granthams replacement

    Awburns W-L record has a strong correlation to the number of Georgia recruits 2-4 prior. Always has. Clemson is weaker but still correlated.


    • Greg

      I would think UGA’s success on the field versus Auburn, winning 9 of the past 11, is having an adverse impact on Auburn’s ability to recruit elite players in Georgia as well.


  6. Uglydawg

    At least a few of Georgia and Florida’s recruits usually end up at Auburn later rather than sooner anyway.