Jim Harbaugh is blasé about something.

He claims he didn’t have time for that shit to watch the national championship game.

“Well, I heard it was a great game,” Harbaugh said. “I have it TiVo’d. I fell asleep. But I heard it was an incredible game.”

Gotta get your rest.



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9 responses to “Jim Harbaugh is blasé about something.

  1. Gaskilldawg

    You mean he did not spend the early hours of a workday morning watching a video review (that seemed to last as long as the second quarter) of the onside kick in order to determine if Clemson won because the clock ran off or if Clemson won because it could take a knee with 1 second left?

    Smart guy.


  2. steve

    Harbaugh = Johnny Weissmuller doppelgänger. Similar limited vocabulary and vocalization.
    Motto for Harbaugh Family Coat of Arms….’If you do things different you will look smart’ (ish).


  3. Normaltown Mike

    to be honest, I fell asleep i nthe 3rd Qtr for a bit. Was glad to come to for the final quarter of play, though.


  4. DawgPhan

    based on the ratings he probably did hear it was a great game and has it recorded, like most people.


  5. Uglydawg

    He was at the grocery store shopping for sweet grapes.


  6. Bulldog Joe

    Of course, he couldn’t talk about how many recruits were there for the sleepover.


  7. Jami Shingler

    his wife just had their 7th child. I’d be tired too…